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Install Airwallex Card Payments app

Start accepting card payments, Google Pay (Express Checkout) and Apple Pay (Express Checkout) directly on your Shopify Store.

Follow these steps to install the Airwallex Card Payments app to accept card payments, Google Pay (Express Checkout) and Apple Pay (Express Checkout) directly on your Shopify store.

Installation and Configuration

  1. Go to Airwallex Card Payments app and click Add app. Shopify Card Payments App Listing

  2. Click Install app. Install app

  3. Click Manage. You will be redirected to set up your Airwallex account before receiving payments. Click manage

  4. Log in to your Airwallex account and select an account that you want to connect to your Shopify store, and click Connect. You will be redirected back to your Shopify settings after connecting. Login Select Account

  5. Within your settings, you can configure which card schemes you would like to support on your checkout. Make sure to ONLY select card schemes that you already have enabled on your Airwallex account. If you have a card scheme that you have enabled on your Airwallex account but don’t wish to support it on your Shopify checkout, you can leave it unselected.

Note: If you have Mastercard enabled on your Airwallex account, you should select both Mastercard and Maestro in your Shopify settings. Select logos Click Activate Airwallex and you are all set!

You should now be able to see the card experience on your store! Credit Card Checkout


Enable test mode in Settings > Payments > Airwallex > Manage if you want to mock successful and failed transactions before going live. You can use the following card numbers when mocking transactions for card-only transactions:

Use the following card numbers for each card scheme to simulate a successful transaction

Card SchemeCard Number
American Express378282246310005

Use the following card numbers to simulate a failed transaction

Error ReasonCard Number
Card Declined4000000000000002
Incorrect Card Number4242424242424241
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