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Response codes
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Response codes

This section helps you understand the meaning of the result codes used in the acquiring world.

  • Issuer response codes: There are many possible reasons for the outcome of a transaction. In this page , we will explain the responses returned by issuers and help you understand the result of authorization process.
  • AVS codes: Address Verification Service (AVS) is a service that helps you verify if a billing address matches the address of a credit card holder, in order to authenticate the ownership of a card used by your customer. In this page , we will explain the responses you might receive when AVS is performed, and corresponding descriptions on our Webapp.
  • CVC2/CVV2 codes: Card Verifiction Code 2 (CVC2, also refered to as CVV2), is a three- or four- digit code printed on a card. Issuers check against this information to verify whether one transaction is fraudulent or not. In this page , we will explain the responses you might receive when CVC2/CVV2 is checked, and the corresponding descriptions on our Webapp.
  • Merchant Advice code :Merchant advice code (MAC) is MasterCard specific value, introduced by MasterCard in Authorization response to help Issuers indicate the specific reason behind a transaction decline. Issuers earlier more often than were resorting to the generic declines codes which do not help merchant to understand the next action. Page explains the valid combination of MAC along with response code and their description