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Issuer response codes
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Error response codes

Issuer response codes

This table below includes the response codes that you might receive when processing transactions. Those response codes are returned by the issuers and reflect the outcome of the authorization process.

CodeVisaMastercardAmerican ExpressUnionPayJCB
00Approval and completed successfullyApproved or completed successfully-Successful transaction-
01Refer to card issuerRefer to card issuer-The cardholder should contact the Issuer-
02Refer to card issuer, special condition----
03Invalid merchantInvalid merchant or service provider-Invalid merchant or service provider-
04Pick up card (no fraud)Pick up card (no fraud)-This card is picked up-
05Do not honorDo not honor-The cardholder's certification fails-
07Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)----
08-Honor with ID---
10Partial approvalPartial approval-Display the approved partial amount and prompt the operator-
11Approved (V.I.P)--It is a VIP client-
12Invalid transactionInvalid transaction-Invalid transaction-
13Invalid amount or currency conversion field overflowInvalid amount or currency conversion field overflow-Invalid amount-
14Invalid account number (no such number) or No Mod 10 check or Not a valid length for issuer or Not in positive PIN Verification file or Separator in wrong positionInvalid card number (no such number)-Invalid card number-
15No such issuer (first 8 digits of account number do not relate to an issuing identifier)No such issuer. Invalid issuer-No Issuer matching this card-
16---Update the third magnetic track-
19Re-enter transaction----
20---Update the QRC-
21No action taken--This card has not been initialized or it is a dormant card-
22---Operation error-
25Unable to locate record in file--There is no original transaction and please contact the Issuer-
28File temporarily not available for update or inquiry----
30-Format error-Format error-
34---Fraudulent card-
38---The number of PIN entry attempts is beyond the limit-
39No credit account----
40---Transaction that is not supported by the Issuer-
41Lost card, pick up (fraud account)Lost card, pick up (fraud account)-The card reported for loss is captured now (ATM). Lost card-
43Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)-This card is captured (ATM). Please contact the Issuer. Stolen card-
45---Please use IC card-
46Closed Account----
51Not sufficient fundsInsufficient funds/over credit limit-Insufficient available balance-
52No checking account----
53No savings account----
54Expired card or expiration date missingExpired card or expiration date is missing-The card expires-
55PIN incorrect or missingIncorrect PIN or PIN missing-Wrong PIN-
57Transaction not permitted to cardholderTransaction not permitted to issuer/cardholder-This card is not allowed for the transaction-
58Transaction not allowed at terminalTransaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal-The Issuer does not allow this card to be used for this transaction at this terminal-
59Suspected fraud--Error in the card verification-
61Exceeds approval amount limitExceeds withdrawal amount limit-The transaction amount exceeds the limit-
62Restricted card (card invalid in region or country)Restricted card (card invalid in region or country)-Restricted card-
63Security violationSecurity violation---
64Transaction does not fulfill AML requirement--The transaction amount does not match the original transaction amount-
65Exceeds withdrawal frequency limitAdditional customer authentication required (formerly: Exceeds withdrawal count limit)-Exceed the limit for times of withdrawal-
68---The transaction times out. Please retry it-
70PIN Data RequiredContact Card Issuer---
71-PIN not changed---
75Allowable number of PIN entry tries exceededAllowable number of PIN entry tries exceeded-The number of PIN tries exceeds the limit-
76Unsolicited reversal-reversal with no original transaction in history. V.I.P. unable to match reversal request to an original messageInvalid/nonexistent "To Account" specified---
77-Invalid/nonexistent "From Account" specified---
78Blocked, first used or special condition—new cardholder not activated, or card is temporarily blockedInvalid/nonexistent account specified.---
79Already reversed (by Switch)Lifecycle (Expired or Stolen or Damaged)---
80No financial impact (used in reversal responses to declined originals)----
81Cryptographic error found in PIN (used for cryptographic error condition found by security module during PIN decryption)--Domestic debit transaction not allowed-
82Negative online CAM, dCVV, iCVV, CVV, CAVV, dCVV2, TAVV, or DTVV resultsPolicy (Validation Rules)-Timeout at issuer-
83-Security (Potential Violation)---
84-Invalid authorization life cycle---
85No reason to decline a request for address verification, CVV2 verification, or a credit voucher or merchandise returnNot declined (Valid for all zero amount transactions)---
86Cannot verify PINCannot verify PIN---
87-Purchase amount only, no cash back allowed---
88-Cryptographic failure---
89Unacceptable PIN— Transaction Declined— RetryUnacceptable PIN— Transaction Declined— Retry---
90---The daily cutoff of the system is in progress. Please retry it later-
91Issuer unavailable or switch inoperative (STIP not applicable or available for this transaction) or Time-out when no STIP or Causes decline at POS-The Issuer status is abnormal. Please retry it later-
92Financial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing (receiving institution ID is invalid). Unable to route transactionFinancial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing (receiving institution ID is invalid). Unable to route transaction-The connectivity of Issuer is abnormal. Please retry it later-
93Transaction cannot be completed - violation of lawTransaction cannot be completed - violation of law---
94Duplicate transmission.Transaction submitted containing values in tracing data fields that duplicate values in a previously submitted transaction. Note: This code is available in SMS raw data in case of duplicate transmission.Duplicate transmission.Transaction submitted containing values in tracing data fields that duplicate values in a previously submitted transaction. Note: This code is available in SMS raw data in case of duplicate transmission.-Rejected for duplicated transaction. Please retry it later-
96System malfunctionSystem malfunction or certain field error conditions-Rejected for switching center malfunction. Please retry it later-
97---The terminal number has not been registered-
98---The Issuer is time out-
99---Error in PIN format. Please re-sign in-
001--Approve with ID--
002--Partial Approval (Prepaid Cards only)--
101--Expired Card / Invalid Expiration Date--
106--Exceeded PIN attempts--
109--Invalid merchant--
110--Invalid amount--
111--Invalid account / Invalid MICR (Travelers Cheque)--
115--Requested function not supported--
116--Not Sufficient Funds--
117--Invalid PIN--
119--Cardmember not enrolled / not permitted--
121--Limit Exceeded--
122--Invalid card security code (a.k.a., CID, 4DBC, 4CSC)--
125--Invalid effective date--
130--Additional customer identification required--
181--Format error--
183--Invalid currency code--
187--Deny - New card issued--
189--Deny - Canceled or Closed Merchant/SE--
190--National ID Mismatch--
200--Deny - Pick up card--
900--Accepted - ATC Synchronization--
909--System Malfunction (Cryptographic error)--
912--Issuer not available--
977--Invalid Payment Plan--
978--Invalid Payment Times--
1AAdditional Customer Authentication Required--Additional customer authentication-
6PVisa only. Data verification failed----
AFInvalid card verification dataInvalid card verification data---
A0---Error in MAC verification. Please resign in-
A2---The transaction is successful. Please confirm it with the fund transfer-in bank-
A3---The recipient account number is incorrect for the fund transfer-in bank-
A4---The transaction is successful. Please confirm it with the fund transfer-in bank.-
A5---The transaction is successful. Please confirm it with the fund transfer-in bank.-
A6---The transaction is successful. Please confirm it with the fund transfer-in bank.-
A7---Failure of security processing-
B1Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards or EBT food stamps (U.S. acquirers only)--No debt for this service-
B2Surcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer.----
C1---The state of the Acquirer is illegal-
N0Force STIP. Issuers can respond with this, which routes transaction to STIP. Issuers use code when they cannot perform authorization but want STIP to perform it----
N1---The unregistered account exceeds the limit-
N3Cash service not available----
N4Cash request exceeds issuer or approved limit----
N5Ineligible for resubmission----
N7Decline for CVV2 failure----
N8Transaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amount----
P1---Contact number (e.g. mobile phone number) cannot be found-
P5Denied PIN unblock-PIN change or unblock request declined by issuer----
P6Denied PIN change-requested PIN unsafe----
Q1Card Authentication failed Or Offline PIN authentication interrupted----
R0Stop Payment Order----
R1Stop all future payments----
R2Transaction does not qualify for Visa PIN----
R3Stop all merchants----
Z3Unable to go online; offline-declined----
000.000.000----Transaction succeeded
800.100.100----transaction declined for unknown reason
800.100.150----transaction declined (refund on gambling tx not allowed)
800.100.151----transaction declined (invalid card)
800.100.152----transaction declined by authorization system
800.100.153----transaction declined (invalid CVV)
800.100.154----transaction declined (transaction marked as invalid)
800.100.155----transaction declined (amount exceeds credit)
800.100.156----transaction declined (format error)
800.100.157----transaction declined (wrong expiry date)
800.100.158----transaction declined (suspecting manipulation)
800.100.159----transaction declined (stolen card)
800.100.160----transaction declined (card blocked)
800.100.161----transaction declined (too many invalid tries)
800.100.162----transaction declined (limit exceeded)
800.100.163----transaction declined (maximum transaction frequency exceeded)
800.100.164----transaction declined (merchants limit exceeded)
800.100.165----transaction declined (card lost)
800.100.166----transaction declined (Incorrect personal identification number)
800.100.167----transaction declined (referencing transaction does not match)
800.100.168----transaction declined (restricted card)
800.100.169----transaction declined (card type is not processed by the authorization center)
800.100.170----transaction declined (transaction not permitted)
800.100.171----transaction declined (pick up card)
800.100.172----transaction declined (account blocked)
800.100.173----transaction declined (invalid currency, not processed by authorization center)
800.100.174----transaction declined (invalid amount)
800.100.175----transaction declined (invalid brand)
800.100.176----transaction declined (account temporarily not available. Please try again later)
800.100.177----transaction declined (amount field should not be empty)
800.100.178----transaction declined (PIN entered incorrectly too often)
800.100.179----transaction declined (exceeds withdrawal count limit)
800.100.190----transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
800.100.191----transaction declined (transaction in wrong state on aquirer side)
800.100.192----transaction declined (invalid CVV, Amount has still been reserved on the customer's card and will be released in a few business days.)
800.100.195----transaction declined (UserAccount Number/ID unknown)
800.100.196----transaction declined (registration error)
800.100.197----transaction declined (registration cancelled externally)
800.100.198----transaction declined (invalid holder)
800.100.199----transaction declined (invalid tax number)
800.100.200----Refer to Payer due to reason not specified
800.100.201----Account or Bank Details Incorrect
800.100.202----Account Closed
800.100.203----Insufficient Funds
800.100.204----Mandate Expired
800.100.205----Mandate Discarded
800.100.206----Refund of an authorized payment requested by the customer
800.100.207----Refund requested
800.100.208----Direct debit not enabled for the specified account or bank
800.100.402----cc/bank account holder not valid
800.100.403----transaction declined (revocation of authorisation order)
800.100.500----Card holder has advised his bank to stop this recurring payment
800.100.501----Card holder has advised his bank to stop all recurring payments for this merchant