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Invoice integrations overview

Invoice integrations overview

Get your invoices paid faster with Airwallex.

Whether you are a wholesaler or professional service provider, issuing invoices to get paid by your customers has always come with various challenges such as creating physical / PDF-based invoices and instructing your customers to pay, providing payment methods that your customers prefer, reconciling payments to invoices etc. All of these can lead to delays in payment and closure of books. Airwallex integrates with a number of accounting and invoicing softwares, including Xero and Netsuite, to help you address these challenges when collecting invoice payments.

Xero Invoice Payments

Get your Xero invoices paid faster with cards and 30+ other payment methods

Tired of chasing delayed bank transfer payments on your invoices? Offering online payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay is the best way for your invoices to get paid faster. With Airwallex’s Xero Invoice Payment integration, you can accept payments via 30+ payment methods in any currency from anywhere in the world.

Xero Invoice Payments follow the same pay-as-you-go online payment pricing with no additional cost for the direct integration into Xero. If you are located in a region where surcharging is legal, you can also pass on these payment processing fees as a surcharge fee to your customers.

Follow these steps to get started: You need to have enabled Online Payments with your account and applied for certain payment methods before establishing the connection with Xero.

Step 1: Connect to Xero and set up your account

Within the web app, go to the “Connections” tab and find the “Xero Invoice Payment” tile. Follow the steps to log into your Xero account and select which of your Xero account’s branding themes you’d like to set Airwallex as the default payment method for. After establishing the connection, follow the prompt to also establish the “Xero online payment feed” connection for a better reconciliation experience.

If you’d like to set up a surcharge, follow the prompt on the “Xero Invoice Payment” details page to be redirected to the “Payment Settings” page to set a fixed surcharge percentage to be added to each Xero invoice transaction made by cards or Apple Pay and Google Pay. The surcharge rate feature is only available to non-EU based merchants.

Step 2: Send out an invoice and get paid

Once the connection is established on your Airwallex web app, log into your Xero account for the following steps. Within your Xero account, create an invoice and within the “Online Payments” section, make sure Airwallex is selected.

When you send out an Xero invoice with Airwallex selected as the payment method, your customer will see a “Pay now” button on the top left corner of their invoice. When clicking on it, they will be directed to an Airwallex hosted payment page to complete the transaction. Once the payment is completed, your customer can enter their email address to request an emailed receipt.

Step 3: Track payments and reconcile

Once a payment has been received for your Xero invoice, you will receive an email notification. You will also see a line item for the payment show up in your “AWX - AUD Invoices” bank account (a bank account will be created for every currency you receive payments in). This represents the payment received but not yet settled into your wallet.

Once the payment has been settled into your wallet, you will see it show up in your “AWX Online Payments - AUD” bank account as a line item representing the transaction total amount, a few line items representing the fees associated with the transaction, and one line item for the surcharge amount if you have enabled surcharges.