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Mobile SDK

Mobile integrations enable you to incorporate Airwallex payment module into your mobile app for payment processing via Airwallex mobile SDK or Airwallex API.

Airwallex SDK

Airwallex SDK is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It provides native UI pages to facilitate the payment flow from selecting payment methods to submitting required information and redirecting shoppers to other payment apps or webpages.

Checkout Airwallex iOS SDK and Android SDK for more information on the integration.


To use the Card module, you need to provide during your integration a PCI-DSS SAQ A questionnaire and renew it regularly according to the specific policy.

Airwallex API

Airwallex API is a set of backend API which empowers our merchants with Online Payments ability. If you prefer to enjoy more flexibility on the APP integration with Airwallex, you could integrate with us via API. Please check each payment method page for detailed information (sample here ). Note that you could use webview method in your App in the case of website url redirection.


For cards API only integration. You need to provide during your integration a PCI-DSS AOC and renew it regularly.

iOS and Android mobile SDKs automatically handle 3D Secure authentication, offering either frictionless or challenge flow depending on the card issuer’s requirements. For more information, see 3D Secure authentication.

Checkout flow

If you want to offer a one-off or single payment experience where the shopper is present and active on your shop site, see Guest user checkout.

If you want to save shopper's payment details for future payments, see Registered user checkout.

Privacy Policy

You must disclose to your shoppers that Airwallex will be collecting data on usage of payment services and provide a link to Airwallex’s privacy policy .