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Native API

Airwallex's native API integration allows you to handle 100% of the interactions between your application's frontend and backend. It is best suited if you are PCI-DSS compliant and want to leverage that capability to provide a customized checkout experience to your shoppers.

Airwallex uses versioning API to improve our API without impacting existing integrations. In this guide, the API examples as well as the notification event types are all presented in the latest version. For older versions, please refer to our official API documentation API.

How do I choose the version?

You may specify the version per API call by setting the x-api-version header. However, in most cases you should rely on the configured version in your account. Overriding version by header is designed for testing and migrating to a new version.

For webhook notifications, you may only specify the expected event version during the webhook creation. For more information, see Listen for webhook events.