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You will cancel a payment intent when you initially performed a one-off payment but you did not capture it (either automatically or explicitly). A cancellation enables you to release the funds you had initially blocked on the Buyer's payment instrument and can only be applied to payment methods that require a capture operation to succeed.


Have you cancelled a payment but your Buyer still informs you that he sees a hold in his bank account? Do not worry, this is normal. You should double check you payment intent is successfully cancelled and inform your Buyer. The issuer bank will release the funds in the coming days.

You need to follow the below process:

  1. Use the POST/api/v1/pa/payment_intents/{id}/cancel endpoint to cancel a payment intent. The full amount of the intent will be cancelled, a cancellation reason can be provided. You will receive a synchronous response to inform you the request has been taken into account.
  1. After we have successfully processed your cancellation, we will send you a webhook notification to inform you about the cancellation result.