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Error response codes

Airwallex uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

HTTP response codes and description

200OK - The request was processed successfully
201Created - The request was processed successfully
400Error - The request was invalid, or an error occurred in Airwallex or downstream provider
401Unauthorized - Please verify that the authentication token is provided and is valid
404Not found - The requested endpoint or resource does not exist
500There was an unexpected error on Airwallex's side. These should be rare

Error response structure

When we send an error response, the body will generally contain the following fields:

codeStringError codevalidation_error
sourceStringName of the request parameter that caused the error (This attribute is only for code validation_error)merchant_order_id
messageStringError messagemerchant_order_id must be provided
trace_idStringTrace ID of the API request for troubleshooting with Airwallexe9afc11e3032ebaa4d4c9080ae77b232
detailsMapContains additional information if presentPlease see issuer_declined error response example below

Error codes for HTTP response code 400

CodeMessage (subject to change)
3ds_not_supported3DS is required, but 3DS is not supported by the card.
amount_above_limitThe operating amount $amount is above the limit $limit.
amount_below_limitThe operating amount $amount is below the limit $limit.
authentication_declinedThe user failed authentication.
card_brand_not_supportedThe card brand $card_brand is not supported.
configuration_errorInvalid request against merchant configuration. Please contact your account manager.
currency_not_supportedThe currency $currency is not supported.
duplicate_requestThe request ID $id has been used previously.
frequency_above_limitThe frequency limit of $resource is reached for operation $operation.
invalid_status_for_operationThe $resource status $status is invalid for operation $operation.
issuer_declinedThe card issuer declined this transaction. Please refer to the original response code.
issuer_unavailableThe card issuer is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
no_3ds_liability_shiftTransaction declined since Liability shift couldn't not be achieved due to network outage or Issuer unavailability.
operation_not_supportedThe operation $operation is not supported.
payment_method_not_allowedThe payment method is not enabled. Please contact your account manager.
provider_declinedThe payment provider declined this transaction. Please refer to the original response code.
provider_unavailableThe payment provider is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
quote_expiredThe quote has expired. Please create new quote and try again.
rejected_by_routing_rulesThe transaction is rejected by merchant routing rules. Please contact your account manager.
resource_already_existsThe $resource with ID $id already exists.
resource_not_foundThe $resource with ID $id cannot be found.
risk_declinedThe transaction is blocked because of risk concern.
suspended_from_online_paymentsThe operating account has been suspended from processing online payments. Please contact your account manager.
validation_error{message varies by validation rules}

Error codes for HTTP response codes 401, 404 and 500

Http response codeCodeMessage
401unauthorizedAccess denied
404not_foundThe requested endpoint does not exist
404resource_not_foundThe $resource with ID $id cannot be found
500internal_errorAn internal error was encountered. Please try again later

Error response examples