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CVC2/CVV2 Codes

This table below includes the response codes that you might receive when the Card Verification Value (CVV) code is being checked during the transaction process. These codes are also referred to as CVV2, CVC2.

CodeWeb app DescriptionDescription
MMatchCVV2 Match
NNot MatchCVV2 does not match
PUnavailable or Not ApplicableNot processed (issuer temporarily unavailable)
SUnavailable or Not ApplicableVisa only. CVV2 should be on the card, but the merchant indicates that it is not
UUnavailable or Not ApplicableVisa only. Issuer does not participate in CVV2 service or participates but has not provided Visa with encryption keys, or both
UUnavailable or Not ApplicableMastercard only. CVC 2 Unverified
SpaceUnavailable or Not ApplicableVisa only. No result