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Merchant Advice code

Table below explains how the combination of Merchant advice code & response code should be perceived. Airwallex provides you both these fields in API response & Web-app portal as well.

Issuer Response codesMACMAC descriptionPotential reasonsSuggested Merchant action
00, 05, 14, 51, 54, 79, 8201New Account info availableExpired Card or Account upgrade or Portfolio sale or conversionObtain new account information before next billing cycle
51, 79, 82, 8302Cannot Approve at This TimeOver Credit Limit or Insufficient fundsRecycle transaction 72 hours later
05, 14, 51, 54, 79, 82, 8303Do not try againAccount Closed or FraudulentObtain another type of payment from customer
3904POS cardholder presence indicatorSLI & cryptograhy data problemResubmit with appropriate information
0521Payment CancellationCardholder canceled agreementDo Not submit