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WooCommerce is a SaaS solution used by merchants around the world to build their eCommerce stores. Store owners can easily build and manage their online stores and customize them to their needs. WooCommerce allows merchants to add additional functionalities through third-party apps. Airwallex's Online Payments App enables WooCommerce merchants to accept payments in a secure and hassle-free manner.

Supported features

Merchant country codesHK, AU, SG, UK, EU, US
Shopper country codesGlobal
Payment methodsAll payment methods as listed here
FeaturesPayment, Refund, 3DS authentication, WooCommerce Blocks , Subscription charges through WooCommerce Subscriptions ,
CurrenciesSee payment method capabilities

Checkout experience

Successful payment

You can either offer all payment methods in a two-step checkout experience, or only support card payments in an embedded checkout experience. See the installation guide to understand the benefits of each and how to set them up.

Two-step checkout experience supporting all payment methods

Woocommerce all payments methods checkout


WooCommerce payment refund

Make sure you perform all refunds using the WooCommerce order management portal as per the above guidance and NOT from the Airwallex Webapp. If you refund from the Airwallex Webapp, the transaction status might not reflect on the WooCommerce portal, resulting in reconciliation inconsistency.

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