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Install the WooCommerce plugin

This page describes how to install the Airwallex Online Payments plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Before you begin

  • If you have not done so already, submit information about your online store via the Airwallex web app > Payments page to enable Online Payments capabilities and apply for the preferred payment methods you wish to offer to be enabled on your account.
  • Fill in all the required fields and send the PCI-SAQ-A form to your Airwallex Account Manager. If you are completing the process by yourself, please email the signed version to [email protected].
  • Obtain your Client ID and secret API Key from the Airwallex web app > Developer > API Keys page for your installation configuration. Please make sure you obtain keys for the correct account if you have multiple accounts. For more information, see Manage API keys.
Enable Payment Methods

Please ensure you have your preferred payment methods enabled on your Airwallex account before installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin

Step 1: Install the plugin

Follow these steps to install the Airwallex Online Payments app for your WooCommerce store.

  1. Go to the Airwallex Online Payments plugin and click Download.SCR-20231204-plxp
  2. After completing the checkout process click Add to site SCR-20231204-pnht
  3. Add your website URL SCR-20231204-pnom
  4. Authorize the connection and your installation is complete

Step 2: Configure API settings and Webhooks

  1. After installing and activating the plugin, click Airwallex API settings to configure the authentication details. Install WooCommerce - Step 2

Enter your Client ID and API Key from the Airwallex web app > Developer > API keys page. We recommend that you use a restricted API key to authenticate to the WooCommerce plugin. For information on restricted API keys and how to create them, see Restricted API keys. Install WooCommerce - Step 5a

Next, subscribe to our webhook events with the url displayed and add the webhook secret key to this screen. (This is a mandatory installation step)

  1. Configure webhooks for your WooCommerce plugin custom callbacks.

a. Log in to Airwallex web app > Developer > Webhooks. b. Add a webhook by specifying your notification URL and selecting the relevant webhook events for your business operation. We recommend that you subscribe to the following webhook events as shown below.WooCommerce - webhooks

Test mode (Sandbox)

Select Enable sandbox when you are using a demo Airwallex account’s Client ID and API keys to test transactions on your WooCommerce store.

Note that you must use your demo account details (Client ID and API key) in your API settings for sandbox testing.

Airwallex provides a sandbox testing account on an as-needed basis. Please contact [email protected] to request a demo account for testing. Provide your Airwallex registered company name and the payment methods you want to test using the demo account.

Step 3: Enable and configure payment methods

Click Payments or Back to payment overview to see the different ways you can configure your checkout experience. Choose which one to configure based on the payment methods you want to support and the checkout experience you want to provide. WooCommerce - Step 3 - methods

What Payment methods should I enable?

We recommend to enable the following payment methods based on what you wish to offer your shoppers. You can turn on all of the payment methods if your needs meet all the scenarios. More detailed enablement steps are also provided in the next few sections

ScenarioRecommended Steps
Scenario 1: I wish to allow my shoppers to accept cardsPlease enable Airwallex - Credit Cards
Scenario 2: I wish to show my shoppers Wechat or Klarna as individual rows on checkoutPlease enable Airwallex - Klarna or Airwallex - Wechat
Scenario 3: I wish to allow my shoppers to pay via express checkout methods like Apple Pay & Google PayPlease enable Airwallex - Express Checkout
Scenario 4: I wish to allow my shoppers to pay via any of their preferred local payment methodsPlease enable Airwallex - All Payment Methods

Airwallex - Cards

This method allows you to provide debit and credit card payment methods on your WooCommerce store checkout in an embedded manner. This is recommended for people who only want to offer cards and don’t want an additional click involved in the checkout process.

Install WooCommerce - Step 6a

To set it up:

  1. Select Enable Airwallex Card Payments to enable card payments.
  2. Enter the payment method to be displayed on the payment page in the Title field.
  3. Select the checkout form as Embedded capture immediately to capture the amount as soon as the shopper pays.
  4. Fill in any other relevant configuration. Click Save changes to save your configuration.

Checkout experience

When checking out, your payer will see the Credit card option with all the logos of card schemes enabled on your Airwallex account including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay.

The payer can enter their card number, expiration date, and CVC to pay. Woocommerce - step 3 - credit card - checkout exp

Airwallex - All Payment Methods

This method allows you to provide all the payment methods enabled on your Airwallex account on your WooCommerce store checkout, including cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other local payment methods. It also enables your customers to save a card number on file for future checkouts.

This is the most recommended method if you want to offer payment methods other than just cards and want to offer a speedy checkout for repeat customers.

Woocommerce - step 3 - all payment methods

To set it up:

  1. Select Enable Airwallex Payments to enable this method.
  2. Enter the payment method name and description to be displayed on the payment page in the Title and Description fields.
  3. Once you have configured your API key authentication details, you will see the list of payment methods activated on your account show up in both the Icons to display and Payment methods sections.
  4. Select which payment method Icons to display and choose which Payment methods to enable on your WooCommerce store checkout.
  5. If you are enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay for the first time, please follow the additional set up instructions in the Airwallex web app > Payments > Settings > Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  6. Select the Payment page template for how you would like the checkout module to appear on your checkout page (either side by side to or below your cart information).
  7. Click Save changes to save your configuration.

Checkout experience

At checkout, your customer will see the payment method appear with the title, payment method logos, and description you configured.

Woocommerce - step 3 - all payment methods - checkout exp

Once the payer selects this payment method and clicks Place order they can select a payment method and proceed.

Woocommerce - step 3 - all payment methods - checkout exp - second page

When the payer is checking out while logged in, they can select Save my card for future payments box to save their card details.

Woocommerce - step 3 - all payment methods - check exp - save card

The next time they checkout, they will see the saved card as a payment method. They can skip the step of re-entering their card details and checkout faster by only entering their CVC number.

Woocommerce - step 3 - all payment methods - check exp - CIT

Airwallex - Klarna & Wechat

Airwallex allows you to showcase popular local methods directly on the checkout page. Currently you will be able use Klarna(Beta) and Wechat via this method.

Installation Steps:

  1. Ensure you have activated the relevant payment method on Airwallex
  2. Select Enable Airwallex Klarna or Enable Airwallex WeChat Pay
  3. Enter the name and description that you wish to show your shoppers in the Title and Description fields
  4. Click on Save changes__
  5. Ensure currency switching is turned on in the Airwallex WebApp if you wish to offer currency switching for your shoppers (Only available for Klarna now)

Checkout experience

At checkout, your customer will see the payment method appear with the title, payment method logo and description configured.


Once a shopper selects a relevant payment method and confirms their order, they will be redirected to Klarna or the relevant payment provider's page to complete payment.

Currency Switching

If you had enabled currency switching for your app via Airwallex. We will automatically switch your shoppers payment currency to the relevant one to complete payment. The currency we switched to depends on the payment method, and shoppers billing country.

This will help increase your conversion rate and allow your shoppers to pay regardless of your store currency!

Example: Payment currency swapped to USD for payment via Klarna for a US shopper Klarna Woo currency switching

Step 4: Test the plugin

You can simulate an end-to-end payment experience by submitting a test transaction in your WooCommerce store. You can use these test cards to perform test transactions when sandbox mode is turned on

To process live transactions, please ensure you have turned off the test mode (sandbox) environment.

If you encounter any unexpected behavior, first check your configuration against these steps and retry. Contact [email protected] if you need any help.

Additional configuration

Risk configuration

Configure risk for your business using these steps.

  1. Log in to your Airwallex web app > Payments > Risk. WooCommerce - risk config Step 1
  2. Alter the risk score threshold to trigger risk assessments for suspicious transactions. WooCommerce - risk config Step 2

Theme Compatibility

Due to some customised themes, checkout pages may not render properly. If this happens to your site

  1. Please go to your wordpress admin site and select Plugins. Select Airwallex API settings under Airwallex Online Payment Gateway

  2. In the API settings page select Wordpress Page Shortcodes under Payment Form Template

Airwallex checkout pages will be created as official Wordpress pages under your pages. This will allow the payment elements to be embedded within your theme. You can also customise each of the pages accordingly under Pages in the admin panel

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 6.49.08 PM

  1. Test your checkout page again
  2. If compatibility issues persist, please reach out via your Account Manager and we will be more than happy to assist.
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