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Spreedly is a PCI-DSS compliant payment orchestrator that allows you to securely capture credit cards, store them safely in a vault, and then use them with 100+ payment gateways.

Supported card brands: Visa , Mastercard

Add Airwallex as the payment gateway

You can add Airwallex as the payment gateway to your Spreedly account to process card transactions. Follow these steps to complete your configuration

  1. Create an Airwallex account by submitting your business information via the online sign up form or by contacting us directly. Once your account is activated, you will be granted access to use Airwallex as the payment gateway.
  2. Find your Client API key and Unique client ID from the Airwallex web app > Account > Developer page and provide these developer keys to Spreedly when adding Airwallex as the gateway.
  3. If you wish to enable 3DS, you will need to integrate with Spreedly's 3DS solution. Refer to the guide here for more details

For more details on the Airwallex/Spreedly integration, see Spreedly doc for details.


3DS Compatibility

For seamless integration, compatibility is limited to Spreedly 3DS. Please reach out to your account manager to bypass Airwallex 3DS for this account.


You should only initiate a refund via Spreedly refund API so as to keep the transaction status consistent in Airwallex, Spreedly and your own system.

If you initiate refunds via the Airwallex WebApp, you may encounter refund failure via Spreedly API for the transaction due to the status inconsistency between Airwallex and Spreedly system.

Settlement report and reconciliation

You can download the settlement reports for reconciliation from the web app > Reports page. See Settlement reports for more details.


Test your integration

You can test your Spreedly integration using Spreedly’s Testing Guide , Getting Started Guide , and technical API reference documentation will be great resources for you. In addition to these resources, you can get started quickly using Public Postman collection .

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