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SHOPLINE is Asia's leading smart commerce platform, offering solutions and services to empower merchants to sell from anywhere, to anywhere. We provide merchants with omnichannel solutions across e-commerce, social commerce, and point-of-sales. This allows them to initiate and scale their operations both online and offline, all within a single platform. Additionally, SHOPLINE has established a robust ecosystem of partnerships with industry leaders, including Meta, Google and TikTok, ensuring that merchants have access to best-in-class technology integrations. Get started with Shopline today!

Supported features

Merchant country codesHK, AU, SG, UK, EU, US
Shopper country codesGlobal
Payment methodsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Klarna, iDeal and up to 30 other payment methods. For more details please refer to our Payment Method Overview
FeaturesPayment, Refund, Partial refund, 3DS authentication
CurrenciesSee payment method capabilities
Supported languagesEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Thai, Portugese, Indonesian, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Estonian, Croatian, Hindi, Turkish, Slovak .

Checkout experience

Airwallex Cards Payment App

This shows a successful transaction using our Airwallex Cards Payment app which currently allows you to pay via Visa, Mastercard and other major card schemes

Shopify Success for Airwallex Cards Payment App

Airwallex Online Payments App

This shows a flow using our Airwallex Online Payments app which currently allows you to offer up to 30+ local payment methods

Redirect Experience

After selecting "Complete Order", they will then be brought to the payment page where they can select their preferred payment method

Shopline Checkout Page (Redirect)

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