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Install Airwallex Online Payments App

Install the Airwallex Online Payments app to accept card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and 30+ local payment methods on your Shopline Store!

Follow these steps to install the Airwallex Online Payments app to accept card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and 30+ other local payment methods like Klarna on your store.

Getting Started

  1. Submit your KYB (Know Your Business) information to Airwallex using Airwallex > Payments, and apply for the payment methods you wish to enable

  2. Install the Airwallex Online Payments app based on the guide below

Installation and Configuration

  1. Go to your Shopline admin page and click "Set up payment methods" from the "Set up Payments" in the hero banner or click Settings>Payments

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 6.23.21 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 6.23.36 PM

  1. Click Add other payment methods and select Airwallex

Add other payment methods Shopline

  1. You should now see the following screen. Click Install

Shopline Install Screen

  1. Click Manage Account. You will now be asked to login to your Airwallex account. Login with the account that you have activated payments for and wish to link. (Please ensure you select the right account after logging in)

Shopline Login Page

  1. Click Activate to activate the application

  2. Your store is now ready to accept payments!

Configuration of payment methods

There are two pages where you can configure the payment methods shown to the shopper

  1. The logos that show up on your checkout page

Redirect Experience

This can be configured under Payments > Settings > Airwallex. You will be able to then see this page. The top 6 logos you selected will be shown with the rest of the logos shown when the shopper hovers on the badges.

Shopline Online Payments Settings Page

  1. The payment methods offered to the shopper to make payment

Shopline Checkout Page (Redirect)

This can be configured on your Airwallex Account under Payments > Payment Methods. All activated payment methods here will be available for your shoppers to make payment with.

For more details on payment methods please refer to our Payment Methods Overview

Shopper Experience

  1. The shopper will now see an option to select "Additional Payment Methods" with the logos that you had configured on your Shopline app

Redirect Experience

  1. After selecting "Complete Order", they will then be brought to the payment page where they can select their preferred payment method

Shopline Checkout Page (Redirect)

  1. Upon payment success they will then be brought back to your store with showing their order confirmation
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