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Over the coming weeks and months, alongside Naomi, we’ll be unpacking what it takes to drive growth in a fast-paced, increasingly digital world. Including the following key topics:

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Interview 1

Building a customer-obsessed culture

From Amazon to Canva, the fastest growing companies recognise the importance of building a customer-first culture.

In this upcoming interview with Naomi, we'll unpack how she thinks about customer obsession, practical tips for implementing this in your business and some of the typical pitfalls.

How to align customer and company priorities (and where leaders typically go wrong).

What are 'Listening Posts' and how to accelerate growth by embedding them in your business.

What metrics matter when it comes to developing a customer-obsessed culture.

Interview 2

Gathering and Guiding: Four Steps to Leading Leaders

Leadership is a curious thing. It's an intangible quality and notoriously hard to define. What makes someone a leader? And how do you go about gathering and guiding leaders so that together you can navigate and grow in uncertain times?

We discussed with Naomi Simson what it means to grow as a leader and will further explore four steps to building effective leadership teams.

How to identify your strengths as a leader (and why you don't need to be good at everything).

The differences between leadership and management.

What leaders can do to make "safe fails" rather than "fail-safes".

Interview 3

Follow the Money: How to Develop Cashflow Confidence

If you think of a business as a living organism, cash is the lifeblood of the business. One of the main reasons businesses fail is not that they don't record a profit; they run out of cash. Running out of money is the quickest pathway to closing down a business.

In the present circumstances, it's more important than ever to know where your cash is and monitor your business's health.

What expectations leaders should have of cashflow and terms of supply.

How to balance working capital and investing capital to drive long term growth.

What steps you can take to spend more time working 'on' the business (and less time 'in' the business).

Interview 4

Attract, Develop, Retain: Top Talent to Transform Your Business

Top talent has the power to transform your business completely. Top talent also contributes diverse thinking and ways of working. Traditional models of recruitment, performance conversations and working styles are long gone, so how can we go about rethinking them?

How to unlock potential by attracting a neurodiverse team (new perspectives, ideas and thinking).

Developing top talent by building trust and challenging people for greatness.

The four P's of leading high performing teams.

About Naomi Simson

Recognised as one of Australia’s most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders, Naomi Simson launched the online success story RedBalloon in 2001, before going on to co-found the Big Red Group (BRG) with partner David Anderson in 2017.

Last century Naomi worked for big brands, including IBM, Apple, KPMG and Ansett Airlines. She is a Governor of the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation, sits on the University of Melbourne Faculty of Business and Economics advisory board and is an advocate for entrepreneurship in schools via the ASPiRE program.

Naomi is also recognised as the ‘Red Shark’ for her role on Shark Tank Australia as well as the best-selling author of 'Live What You Love' and 'Ready to Soar'. She is a much sought after keynote speaker on growth, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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