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Reserve plan

What is a reserve plan?

We establish a reserve on a case by case basis to help you manage future refunds or disputes from your customers. A reserve is necessary to help you manage your obligations and introduce a better shopping experience to your customers. Overall, a reserve is an amount which is withheld for a period of time after a transaction has been made.

The level of the reserve is based on a range of different factors informed by our knowledge and experience across different industries and markets. This includes your actual business performance and trends. Your reserve plan may change as we monitor your business performance to ensure Airwallex is able to provide you with the best experience possible.

What are the different types of reserves Airwallex offers?

Airwallex currently offers two types of reserves that you can choose from:

Delayed settlement

The full amount of each transaction will be settled to your account on a fixed number of days after the transaction takes place.

Example: 5 days delay:

  1. On day 1, your customer places an order for $100. The $100 is held in your reserve account with Airwallex

  2. On day 5, the funds are released to your account for use

Rolling reserve

A percentage of the transaction amount is held for a fixed period of time.

Example: 10% of funds held for 30 days:

  1. On day 1, your customer places an order for $100. $10 (10%) is held in your reserve account with Airwallex

  2. Once the funds are settled by the payment method provider (usually on day 2 or day 3) then you will receive $90 immediately for use.

  3. 30 days after the settlement date (usually 32 to 33 days from the order being placed) you will receive the remaining $10.

How do I choose my reserve plan?

After Airwallex reviews your application, you will be notified that a reserve proposal is ready to be accepted. To accept your reserve, you will need to either click the link in the notification email or login to your account and navigate to the Payments section to complete your application. From there, you shall be able to review your reserve offers and accept an appropriate reserve offer based on your business needs.

Where do I view the details of my reserve?

You can view the details of your current reserve plan at any time through the "Settings" tab in the Payments section of your Airwallex account.