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Fees and pricing models

The price for each transaction is composed by three different components that are cumulative to each other:

  • Gateway fee, for every transaction Airwallex receives a routing and gateway service is provided to identify the most suitable provider, and provide the added value services we have created.

  • Payment method fee, for every transaction Airwallex receives a specific fee will be charged depending on the payment method associated with it.

  • Fraud Management and 3D Secure, our fraud service leverages large volumes of data and uses 3D Secure services when applicable. A fee will be levied where any of these services is used.

Further to these costs, the following items may also trigger a fee based on the service Airwallex provides you:

  • FX fee, when the processing and settlement currency of your transaction differ, this fee will cover the FX associated costs.

  • Multi-currency Pricing (MCP) and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fee, wherever you use these additional services a fee is levied to cope for the FX risk that Airwallex offsets on our behalf. The MCP fee is paid by the Merchant, the DCC fee is paid by the Customer.

  • Exception handling fee, for each exception we receive from the card schemes or acquirer (i.e. request for information, disputes, etc.) a fee will be levied to compensate all the parties involved in the handling of the exception.

Understanding Interchange ++ pricing

The interchange ++ model provides full transparency on the costs associated with the processing of a payments transaction. In this model three components have to be distinguished:

  • Interchange cost, that is paid directly to the card issuer as reward for enabling the transaction

  • Scheme fees, that are paid to the card scheme for the service they provide

  • Acquirer markup, that is paid to Airwallex for providing you the payment processing service.

This model offers you the main advantage that you pay exactly for what you use. There is no need to estimate ahead of time how many transactions you do of each type, how many countries you expect to sell on and try to understand how much is the average interchange. For each transaction you have exactly the details of how much each item costs.

Understanding Blended pricing

Blended pricing applies a collective fee on each transaction to cover all processing costs. You will always pay a fixed rate of the transaction amount regardless of how the transaction is accepted.

This model protects you against cost swings such as Interchange or Scheme Fee increase and offers you the comfort in knowing the exact rate you'll be paying on every transaction, which enables easy reconciliation and simple cost forecast.