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Set up your merchant account

Every Merchant has specific needs and they need to be taken into account. For this purpose the following parameters can be configured when you use the Airwallex Payment Acceptance solution.

Contact us to update your account configuration details.

About your Merchant account

  • Your PCI-DSS status. Based on the information you provide us we can upgrade your PCI-DSS certification level, depending on this parameter you will have access to more or less integration possibilities.

  • The default dynamic descriptor will show to your customers for every transaction you provide us. If you wish to change it per transaction you can also use our API for that.

About the Payment methods your provide

  • The payment methods you wish to support and its specific parameters, the available parameters will depend on the specifics. Check the specific sections for more details.

  • For some payment methods you will have the option to select which is your preferred route and how you want to split the traffic you want to provide. This will enable you to increase your conversion, authorization rate and reduce reliance on single acquirers.

About how will you get paid

  • Decide which principal settlement currencies you want to receive funds in order to avoid FX costs. The more Airwallex Balance currencies you have, the more like for like currencies you can configure.

  • Out of the above, the fallback settlement currency will be used to settle all other currencies we cannot provide you for like, in this case FX costs will be incurred. We recommend you to set this currency as a major tradeable currency to reduce your costs.

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