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Issuer's response codes

This table below includes the response codes that you might receive when processing transactions. Those response codes are returned by the issuers and reflect the outcome of the authorization process.

00Approved or completed successfully
01Refer to card issuer
02Visa only. Refer to card issuer, special condition (can only be used by non-Visa transactions and Japan domestic transactions).
03Invalid merchant or service provider
04Pick up card (no fraud)
05Do not honor
07Visa only. Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
08Mastercard only. Honor with ID
10Partial approval
11Visa only. Approved (V.I.P)
12Invalid transaction
13Invalid amount or currency conversion field overflow
14Invalid card number (no such number)
15No such issuer. Invalid issuer
19Visa only. Re-enter transaction
21Visa only. No action taken
25Visa only. Unable to locate record in file
28Visa only. File temporarily not available for update or inquiry
30Mastercard only. Format error
39Visa only. No credit account
41Lost card, pick up (fraud account)
43Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)
46Visa only. Closed Account (effective 17 April 2021)
51Insufficient funds/over credit limit
52Visa only. No checking account
53Visa only. No savings account
54Expired card or expiration date is missing
55Incorrect PIN or PIN missing
57Transaction not permitted to issuer/ cardholder
58Transaction not permitted to acquirer/ terminal
59Visa only. Suspected fraud
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62Restricted card (card invalid in region or country)
63Security violation
64Visa only. Transaction does not fulfill AML requirement
65Exceeds withdrawal count limit (deprecated)
65Additional customer authentication required (formerly: Exceeds withdrawal count limit)
70PIN Data Required (Europe only)
70Contact Card Issuer
71Mastercard only. PIN not changed
75Allowable number of PIN entry tries exceeded
76Visa only. Unsolicited reversal-reversal with no original transaction in history. V.I.P. unable to match reversal request to an original message
76Mastercard only. Invalid/nonexistent "To Account" specified
77Mastercard only. Invalid/nonexistent "From Account" specified
78Visa only. Blocked, first used (Brazil only, effective 17 April 2021). Account is temporarily blocked for all transactions
78Mastercard only. Invalid/nonexistent account specified.
79Visa only. Already reversed (by Switch)
80Visa only. No financial impact
81Visa only. Cryptographic error found in PIN (used for cryptographic error condition found by security module during PIN decryption)
81Mastercard only. Domestic debit transaction not allowed
82Visa only. Negative CAM, dCVV, iCVV, or CVV results
82Mastercard only. Timeout at issuer
84Mastercard only. Invalid authorization life cycle
85Visa only. No reason to decline a request for address verification, CVV2 verification, or a credit voucher or merchandise return
85Mastercard only. Not declined (Valid for all zero amount transactions)
86Cannot verify PIN
87Mastercard only. Purchase amount only, no cash back allowed
88Mastercard only. Cryptographic failure
89Unacceptable PIN— Transaction Declined— Retry
91Authorization System or issuer system inoperative
92Financial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing (receiving institution ID is invalid). Unable to route transaction
93Transaction cannot be completed - violation of law
94Duplicate transmission.Transaction submitted containing values in tracing data fields that duplicate values in a previously submitted transaction. Note: This code is available in SMS raw data in case of duplicate transmission.
96System malfunction or certain field error conditions
1AVisa only. Additional Customer Authentication Required (Europe only)
B1Visa only. Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards or EBT food stamps (U.S. acquirers only)
B2Visa only. Surcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer.
N0Visa only. Force STIP. Issuers use code when they cannot perform authorization but want STIP to perform it.
N3Visa only. Cash service not available
N4Visa only. Cash request exceeds issuer or approved limit
N5Visa only. Ineligible for resubmission
N7Visa only. Decline for CVV2 failure
N8Visa only. Transaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amount
P5Visa only. Denied PIN unblock-PIN change or unblock request declined by issuer
P6Visa only. Denied PIN change-requested PIN unsafe
Q1Visa only. Card Authentication failed Or Offline PIN authentication interrupted
R0Visa only. Stop Payment Order
R1Visa only. Revocation of Authorization Order
R2Visa only. Transaction does not qualify for Visa PIN
R3Visa only. Revocation of all Authorizations order
Z3Visa only. Unable to go online; offline-declined