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Payments for Platforms is a solution for clients who operate with a platform business model to build an ideal end-to-end payment experience in their ecosystems. Typical clients include marketplaces, SaaS platforms, on-demand service providers, etc.

With Payments for Platforms, you can enjoy the benefits including:

  • Easily connect your sellers, service providers, or sub-merchants to your platform
  • Provide multiple financial products to your connected accounts while staying compliant with the existing local regulations (like PSD2 in Europe)
  • Reconcile fund flows between you and your connected account at the transaction level in an easy way with reports generated by Airwallex

Choose your ideal model

We understand that each platform is different and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right model to integrate with. The table below provides a summary view of the currently supported models and how those behave in regards to the platform and connected account.

Payments owned by Connected AccountPayments owned by Platform Account
Who will receive the principal amount of payment?Connected AccountPlatform account
Who will bear the reserve?Connected AccountPlatform account
Who will bear Payments fees?Connected AccountPlatform account
Who will bear Chargeback?Connected AccountPlatform account
Who is responsible for handling disputes?Connected AccountPlatform account
Can payment methods differ per Connected Account?
Not sure which model suits you the best?

Please click here to contact our support team or email [email protected] for more information.

Integration options

Payments for Plaforms has no restriction on integration methods, you could select the one that best suits your needs from all available options that Airwallex supports.

Integration TypeSupportedRequires PCI-DSSNotes
HPP (Hosted Payment Page)PCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, all Merchants can do it
Embedded ElementsPCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, requires additional knowledge
Drop-in ElementPCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, requires additional knowledge
APIPCI-DSS AOCAOC by 3rd party required