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Create Payment Links via Webapp

Accept payments from anywhere with a secure link

With Payment links, merchants can allow their shoppers to make payments just by clicking a payment link and/or a QR code. The URL takes the cardholder to our Airwallex secure hosted payment page (redirect) where they can pay by simply entering the card details of their preferred payment method (cards or local payment methods). From there, the process is no different than a regular checkout process for an e-commerce transaction.

Pay by Link enables merchants to:

  • Accept payments with a payment page that works with different devices
  • Generate payment URLs or QR codes manually or programmatically by sending an API request
  • Create reusable or one-time payment requests to accept multiple payments
  • Customize the checkout page with their logo
  • Add one more channel for merchants to accept payments (without technical integration required)

Our features:

FeaturesWeb app
Create reusable request with undefined amount and currency
Create reusable request with predefined amount and currency
Create one-time request with predefined amount and currency
Define the expiry date for a payment request
Customize the checkout page with your logo and business name
Customize the payment URL
Find your transactions in web app in the Payments summary page
Include a merchant reference to each request
Leave a message to your shoppers about the purchase they are making
Deactivate a request

Merchants will be able to use either the web app as well as our API to generate links.

Pay by Link automatically handles 3D Secure authentication, offering either frictionless or challenge flow depending on the card issuer’s requirements. For more information, see 3D Secure authentication .

Get started

In order to create a request for their shoppers, merchants will need to go through the traditional onboarding process and provide information about their business. After review, merchants will be able to share payment requests.

Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 16.23.13

Create a payment request

Once the onboarding process has been successfully passed, the merchants can easily create payment requests by simply clicking Payments>Payment Links>New payment link


The merchants can create either a one-time or reusable request. In the picture below, the reusable request feature is not activated. Additionally, the merchants can choose to share a payment request with a fixed amount and currency or leave it for the shopper to enter. If the merchant wants the shopper to enter the amount, the merchant will simply have to tick the box "Let your customer provide a payment amount". Shoppers can pay with the payment methods that the merchant has selected during the onboarding process.


Share the QR code or URL with your shoppers

Once ready, the merchant can share the URL or the QR code with its shoppers.


Manage your requests

The merchants can manage all the created requests in our web app. The merchants can take multiple actions from there:

  • Edit a request
  • Deactivate a request
  • Delete a request
  • View transactions made with a given request


Merchants can also review the transactions in Payments, on the left menu for more details. For more information on how to use the Airwallex web app, refer to the web app section on the left menu of our website.

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