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Integrate with Payment Links API

Create payment links at scale with the API and embed it into your sales processes.

Link the Payment Links API API to your internal systems for a payment link to be generated every time a new order comes through, a new invoice gets sent out, or whenever you email a new customer. You can automatically create links with the API that support the full feature set as the web app version.

Enjoy the same benefit of accepting payments via 30+ payments methods in any currency from anywhere in the world, as well as top tier fraud protection and 3D secure authentication.

For more information on how to create payment links with the web app, refer to the Payment Links page .

Step 3: Track payments

When customers complete a payment on a payment link, Airwallex sends a payment_intent.succeeded webhook that you can use for subsequent fulfillment and reconciliation purposes. See Notifications and Webhooks for more information.

Payment Links API automatically handles device fingerprinting to uniquely track and identify devices used for transacting on your shopping site, thereby increasing your protection from fraud.

Error Processing

In general, all API calls can be failed and in this case, merchants will get a specific HTTP status and error code and error message in the body.

Error codeError description
configuration_errorInvalid request against merchant configuration. Please contact your account manager.
internal_errorAn internal error was encountered. Please try again later.
invalid_status_for_operationThe $resource status $status is invalid for operation $operation.
resource_not_foundThe $resource with ID $id cannot be found.
validation_error{message varies by validation rules}
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