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Before you start

Airwallex iOS SDK requires Xcode 11 or later and is compatible with apps targeting iOS 11 or above.

Airwallex iOS SDK is available through CocoaPods and Carthage . Please install the latest version of CocoaPods to ensure you can add Airwallex SDK to your application.

Step 1: Set up SDK

1) Add dependency to your Podfile

If you don't have an existing Podfile, run the following command to create one:


Add the following line(s) to your Podfile:


You can install the whole package or choose one or more individual modules depending on the payment methods available to you.

2) Install dependencies

Run the following command:


Don’t forget to use the .xcworkspace file to open your project in Xcode, instead of the .xcodeproj file, from here on out.

To update Airwallex SDK to the latest version

Run the following command:

If you are integrating WeChat Pay module

Please register your app at WeChat Pay to get a WeChat app ID and configure it in your Airwallex account. We will need your WeChat app ID to initiate WeChat payments. For more details on how Airwallex SDK interacts with WeChat Pay, see WeChat In-App Pay Development Guide

Step 2: Set up your server to access Airwallex API

You will need to obtain an access token that allows you server to reach all other API endpoints. Use your unique Client ID and API key (which can be generated within Account settings > API keys ) to call the Authentication API endpoint API. On success, an access token will be granted.

Before processing a payment, your server must create a PaymentIntent API and pass it to the client. After the payment is completed, your server need to retrieve the PaymentIntent API to check the payment result.

Step 3: Configuration SDK

1) Import header files into where you want to use Airwallex SDK


2) Configure test/live mode and client secret

When your app starts:

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