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Google Pay™

Power your shoppers with Google Pay™ - safe, simple and helpful.

Google Pay is a digital wallet technology that enables shoppers to make seamless payments using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account on compatible devices at a physical store, in-app or on the web. Shoppers can power through the checkout process using facial or fingerprint recognition to authenticate transactions, which is PSD2 SCA compliant (specific to EEA). Google Pay also enables shoppers to retrieve cards stored on their linked accounts, including those from Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or an Android device. For such transactions, depending on the card type, the shopper might be required to authenticate, for example, using 3DS. There is no additional cost associated with usage of Google Pay as a payment method and it also provides liability shift.

Liability shift✅ (only for cards issued in EU & UK)✅ (In U.S only)✅ (In U.S only)

Shoppers can store their cards and billing address information on the Google Pay wallet. You can retrieve both card and delivery information from the Google Pay wallet once the shopper authenticates payment using facial or fingerprint recognition on a payment sheet. Shoppers can also store their information on the Google linked accounts (Google Play, YouTube, etc), which enables you to fetch the card-on-file details stored on the Google account.

Google Pay is available for most issuing banks and countries making it one of the fastest growing payment methods. Google pay as a payment method works seamlessly with other Airwallex features such as Recurring payments, Platforms or Marketplaces, etc. It's also compatible with all commonly used browsers .

Google Pay checkout

Accept Google Pay

You can offer Google Pay as a payment method using the following integration options. As a prerequisite, you must enable Google Pay on your Airwallex web app before accepting Google Pay payments.

  • Hosted Payment Page: Once enabled, Google Pay will be automatically available as a payment method on the Hosted Payment Page. No additional configuration is required.
  • Embedded Elements: You will need to embed the Google Pay Element on your checkout page.
  • Drop-in Element: You will need to provide Google Pay options with your country code when you create the Drop-in Element.
  • Native API: You will need to handle interactions with Google to request a Google Pay session.


What is liability shift?

Liability shift indicates the party with whom the responsibility of fraudulent chargebacks lies with. With Google Pay liability will be shifted onto the issuer as Google Pay uses SCA compliant authentication measures.

Will there be any change in the dispute handling process?

There is no change in the dispute handling process. Although the transaction is initiated via the Google Pay wallet it is still processed via card schemes - VISA, Mastercard, UPI, AMEX, etc.

Will there be any additional charges for using Google Pay?

No, using Google Pay does not cost extra apart from the current payment method fee.

Will there any change in settlement?

No, there is no change to the settlement cycle. Transactions will be settled as per existing agreed timelines.

Can I process Google Pay transactions via 3DS?

Yes, when the authentication method returned is PAN_ONLY then normal 3DS processing will come into effect. You can configure 3DS settings on the merchant account level. For more details, see 3DS authentication.

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