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Dispute notifications

Airwallex is committed to helping merchants fight disputes efficiently and offers two different options for its Online Payments merchants to be alerted about incoming disputes. The notification informs the merchant that a new dispute has been created and is ready to be defended.

Notification email

What is it?

The first option allows merchants to receive email notifications when a request for information (RFI also known as retrieval request) or a first dispute has been filed. The first email notification includes information about the merchant order ID on which an RFI or dispute is being raised.

Another notification email will be sent, as a reminder, for the merchant to take action as the dispute deadline is approaching if nothing was done. The reminder notification email also includes merchant order ID.

How to receive the email notification?

The email notification is by default sent to the email address that was imputed at the time of the registration to our Online Payments service. The email address was either the one provided to your account manager or the one given during the self-onboarding process.

How to take action?

The email notification, both the first one and the reminder, will include a link to your web app account. Merchants will also be able to view the dispute queue and respond to ongoing disputes in the Payments section on the left menu, under the Disputes section. When clicking on “Disputes”, merchants will be able to see the dispute queue. It will be empty if no dispute needs to be defended. In the other dispute section called “All disputes”, merchants will be able to look at all the disputes cases, both open and close cases.

To know more about disputes, please refer to here.

Webhook notifications

What is it?

Webhooks notifications represent an alternative to email notifications when it comes to receiving alerts regarding incoming disputes. This is a way for merchants to stay informed on the evolution of the statuses of disputes. Merchants can also leverage webhooks to automate their internal process to handle disputes.

How to receive the webhook notification?

As a merchant, you can register webhook URLs for Airwallex to notify any time of an event happening in your account and/or any account you are authorized to access. When one of those events is triggered, Airwallex will send an HTTPS POST payload to the webhook's configured URL.

Please refer to this page to learn more about how to receive asynchronous notifications of the events that occur on the Airwallex payment acceptance platform

In the dispute related webhooks notifications, Airwallex will include the following:


How to take action?

The merchant will need to log in to his account on the web app and access the disputes section under Payments, on the left menu.

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