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Online payments

Web app LabelEvent TypeDescription
Payment Intent -> Createdpayment_intent.createdA payment intent has been created.
Payment Intent -> Requires payment methodpayment_intent.requires_payment_methodThis payment intent requires payment method to proceed.
Payment Intent -> Requires capturepayment_intent.requires_captureMerchant capture is required to fulfill this payment intent.
Payment Intent -> Requires customer actionpayment_intent.requires_customer_actionAdditional customer action is required to fulfill this payment intent.
Payment Intent -> Pendingpayment_intent.pendingThe payment request has been accepted. Waiting for the final result.
Payment Intent -> Succeededpayment_intent.succeededA payment intent has been fulfilled.
Payment Intent -> Cancelledpayment_intent.cancelledThe payment intent has been cancelled.
Payment Attempt -> Receivedpayment_attempt.receivedThis payment attempt has been received.
Payment Attempt -> Authentication redirectedpayment_attempt.authentication_redirectedThe payment attempt has been redirected for authentication.
Payment Attempt -> Pending authorizationpayment_attempt.pending_authorizationThe payment request has been accepted. Waiting for the final result.
Payment Attempt -> Authorizedpayment_attempt.authorizedThe payment attempt has been authorized and is waiting to be captured.
Payment Attempt -> Capture requestedpayment_attempt.capture_requestedThe payment attempt has been requested for capture successfully and is therefore fulfilled.
Payment Attempt -> Settledpayment_attempt.settledThis payment attempt's fund has been received by Airwallex from the acquirer.
Payment Attempt -> Paidpayment_attempt.paidThis payment attempt's fund has been paid to the merchant's wallet successfully.
Payment Attempt -> Cancelledpayment_attempt.cancelledThe payment attempt has been cancelled.
Payment Attempt -> Expiredpayment_attempt.expiredThis payment attempt has expired.
Payment Attempt -> Risk declinedpayment_attempt.risk_declinedThe payment attempt has failed to pass the risk screen
Payment Attempt -> Failed to processpayment_attempt.failed_to_processThe payment attempt has failed to be processed.
Payment Attempt -> Authentication failedpayment_attempt.authentication_failedThe payment attempt has failed to be authenticated.
Payment Attempt -> Authorization failedpayment_attempt.authorization_failedThe payment attempt has failed authorization.
Payment Attempt -> Capture failedpayment_attempt.capture_failedThe payment attempt has failed to capture and is therefore terminated.
Payment Consent -> Createdpayment_consent.createdThe payment consent has been created
Payment Consent -> Updatedpayment_consent.updatedThe payment consent has been updated
Payment Consent -> Pendingpayment_consent.pendingTThe mandate of the payment consent has been submitted. Wait for the final result.
Payment Consent -> Verifiedpayment_consent.verifiedThe payment consent has been verified
Payment Consent -> Disabledpayment_consent.disabledThe payment consent has been disabled, the PaymentConsent cannot be used or updated
Customer -> Createdcustomer.createdA customer has been created.
Customer -> Updatedcustomer.updatedThe customer has been updated.
Refund -> Receivedrefund.receivedThis refund request has been received and will be processed later.
Refund -> Acceptedrefund.acceptedThis refund request has been accepted and started processing. Please note, the final fund settlement time will depend on the bank or the payment method's processing time.
Refund -> Succeededrefund.succeededThis refund has been fulfilled successfully.
Refund -> Failedrefund.failedThis refund has failed.
Payment Method -> Createdpayment_method.createdThis payment method has been created.
Payment Method -> Updatedpayment_method.updatedThis payment method has been updated.
Payment Method -> Attachedpayment_method.attachedThis payment method has been attached to a customer.
Payment Method -> Detachedpayment_method.detachedThis payment method has been detached from a customer.
Payment Method -> Disabledpayment_method.disabledThis payment method has been disabled.
Dispute -> Pre-chargeback received by merchantdispute.pre_chargeback_received_by_merchantAcquirer has detected a transaction that was processed via the pre-chargeback process.
Dispute -> Pre-chargeback accepteddispute.pre_chargeback_acceptedThis dispute was resolved via the pre-chargeback process.
Dispute -> RFI received by merchantdispute.rfi_received_by_merchantReceived RFI from acquirer.
Dispute -> RFI responded by merchantdispute.rfi_responded_by_merchantMerchant responded to RFI.
Dispute -> Accepteddispute.acceptedMerchant accepted the dispute.
Dispute -> Dispute received by merchantdispute.dispute_received_by_merchantAcquirer required merchant to provide evidence for dispute stage.
Dispute -> Dispute responded by merchantdispute.dispute_responded_by_merchantMerchant provided evidence for dispute stage.
Dispute -> Wondispute.wonMerchant won the dispute (final result).
Dispute -> Lostdispute.lostMerchant lost the dispute (final result).
Dispute -> Dispute reverseddispute.dispute_reversedDispute is reversed
Fraud -> Merchant notifiedfraud.merchant_notifiedThis payment has been identified as fraudulent. Merchant to initiate refund and hold delivery of goods/service.
Payment Link -> Createdpayment_link.createdA payment link has been created and is waiting for payments.
Payment Link -> Paidpayment_link.paidThe payment link received a new payment.