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View webhook events

View and filter a list of webhook events.

You can access all webhook events sent from Airwallex via the web app. The events can be filtered using the following fields:

  • Date and time
  • Status: The possible events statuses include:
    • Success: Events successfully responded to with a 200 HTTP status code
    • Queued: Event is added to a queue to be re-triggered over time
    • Failed: 200 HTTP status code not received from the user
  • Event name (e.g.
  • Re-triggered: Event re-triggered via the web app or API
  • Event ID: A unique webhook event identifier (e.g. evt_hkdmj6qdrgbucihewpu_d1ybtd)
  • Source ID: A unique ID for the product object that triggered the event (e.g. the source ID for a payment intent is int_hkdm97cmvgbucd1ybtd); a source ID can trigger multiple events.

View event logs

Deep dive into an event

Click on an event to retrieve additional information as listed below:

  • Webhook ID: A unique identifier for a webhook subscription.
  • Webhook URL: The notification URL webhook events are sent to.
  • Request payload: The JSON event payload sent to the notification URL.
  • Response: Response provided by the user, if any.