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Notifications and workflow automation

Airwallex customers often have complex operational flows around their money movements. A common use case is for customers to want to receive notifications about incoming deposits or payments from customers in a third party application, such as email or Slack. Airwallex’s Webhooks API allows OAuth applications to listen to webhooks to passively receive notifications of such events from OAuth-authorized Airwallex accounts.

Webhook events that you can listen to are limited by the Scopes you requested in the OAuth connection flow, and correspond to similar data access as calling our client API endpoints would grant you.

Our webhooks APIs do not create webhooks on the Airwallex account, but on your application: thus, the access token for these API endpoints are not the access token you obtained via the OAuth flow, but a Base64 encoded string of YOUR_CLIENTID:YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET.

Here is an example of how to build such an integration:

  1. Create a webhook to represent the event you want to listen to, and where you want notifications to be sent, by calling POST /api/v1/webhooks/create API
  2. Attach the webhook to an Airwallex account that has connected to your application by calling POST /api/v1/webhooks/{id}/connect API with the ID of the webhook you created in the previous step, and the account ID of the Airwallex account. If your application does not have access to the Airwallex account, or your application has not been granted the Scope that covers the webhook event, you will receive an error.