Fee Schedule

Last updated: 1 October 2021

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The following fees and charges apply with respect to customers of Airwallex Pty Ltd.

FX Conversion Services, Payment Services, Collection Services and Cards

You can access further details on our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from our website at www.airwallex.com.

DescriptionStandard Fee (AUD)
FX Conversions
Customer Mark-Up / Margin (AUD, USD, HKD, CNY, JPY, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, NZD, SGD)0.30%
Customer Mark-Up / Margin (MYR, IDR, KRW, PHP, THB, VND, INR, NPR, PKR, BDT, TRY, LKR)0.60%
Customer Mark-Up / Margin (Other Currencies)0.60%
Global Account Creation Fee$0
Global Account Receiving Funds Fee$0
Payments in CNY0.10%
Local Payment Fee (incl. BPAY and FPS)$0
SWIFT (SHA) Payment Fee (incl. RTGS and FedWire)‡$10 per payment
SWIFT (OUR) Payment Feeª$30 per payment
Other Fees & Charges
Account Opening Fee$0
Monthly Account Fee$0
Break CostsVaries. See PDS for example
API Integration Set Up FeeTo be advised.


† The customer mark-up / margin will be included as the FX Exchange Rate that is used to convert one currency for another currency. If any currency is not listed, it will be treated as an “other currency”.

‡ SHA: Both the client (sender) and beneficiary will pay fees to the sending bank i.e. fees for the outgoing transfer. Beneficiary will receive the amount transferred less the intermediary banks' fees.

ª OUR: The client pays for the wire transfer fees charged by intermediary banks.

You can access further details on our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from our website at www.airwallex.com.

Online Payments Services

The following pricing is quoted on a 'blended' pricing basis for Cards and Local Payment Methods. The General Fees specified, except for the Foreign Currency Settlement Fee, are applicable to the acceptance of Cards and Local Payment Methods. All fees set out in this schedule are GST inclusive, unless otherwise indicated.

Defined terms in this Fee Schedule have the meaning given to them in Airwallex’s Online Payment Terms, which can be found here: https://www.airwallex.com/au/terms.

1. General Fees

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
Gateway Fee (incl. fraud & 3DS)AUD$0.30per attempted or actual Transaction
Foreign Currency Settlement Fee‡1.00%per settlement of a non-AUD Transaction in the same non-AUD currency
FX Conversion Fee‡ª2.00%per conversion of a Transaction currency into the Settlement Currency
Refund Fee†AUD$0.30per Refund request
Chargeback Fee†AUD$25.00per Chargeback request


† These fees exclude any additional fees or charges imposed by a Network. Such fees and charges will be passed onto you by Airwallex.

‡ The Foreign Currency Settlement Fee is not applicable to Transactions made by Local Payment Methods. The Foreign Currency Settlement Fee and the FX Conversion Fee are separate fees. Depending on the specific foreign currencies involved in a Transaction, only one of these would be charged at once.

ª A Refund or Chargeback of a Transaction that was subject to the FX Conversion Fee will also be subject to the FX Conversion Fee in relation to the conversion of the relevant currency for the Refund or Chargeback (as applicable).

Some of these fees may appear as one combined fee on your invoice. For example, an International Card transaction may appear as one fee that combines the Payment Method Fee and Foreign Currency Settlement Fee in the same line item. If you have any questions about the fees on your invoice, please contact us and we can help clarify any questions.

2. Payment Method Fees (Blended)

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
Domestic Cards (Visa and Mastercard)1.65%per Transaction
International Cards (includes intraregional Visa and Mastercard cards)2.90%per Transaction

3. Local Payment Methods (Blended)

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
Dependent on payment method. Refer to: https://www.airwallex.com/au/online-payments-capability
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