High speed, low cost global payments for all

We believe in a world where cross-border global payments create opportunity for all. Airwallex is building a digital network that gives you the power to make fast, transparent and cost-effective transactions from anywhere.

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Payments and FX solutions for forward-thinking businesses

With ultimate flexibility to only use what you need, when you need it - combine one or more of our products for a tailored solution set powered by your preferred method of activation and ease the pain of cross-border payments for your business.

Foreign Exchange
Constant trading environment
Wholesale comparable rates
24 hour fixed rate
Single platform for FX and payout
International Payments
Same day payments*
Full amount delivery
Payment at scale
Transparent pricing model

*Not available in all currencies and all circumstances.

Local Currency Account
Open accounts in new markets
Transfer back to local currency
Transfer under your legal name
Enriched customer experience

Choose your connection

Set and forget with powerful APIs that integrate seamlessly into your existing payment infrastructure or use our easily accessible web platform for a more straightforward, pre-integration path to market.


Remove manual intervention with smart automation, seamlessly throttling payment volume to any scale your business requires. Enhanced data capture and validation further improves the seamless experience delivered via the APIs.


Take control of your money anywhere in the world with access to an easy to use online tool. Easily manage your funds and make more informed decisions with comprehensive analytics and insights.

Cross border payments re-imagined.

Airwallex provides a seamless payments experience that transcends borders and industries. Accelerate your business with a smart, seamless and future-proofed solution.

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The best of liquidity, for payments in all corners of the globe.

Benefit from the global network of top notch liquidity providers Airwallex works with. Using premium liquidity providers we pass on FX rates that are wholesale comparable, including access to the exotic currencies required to make payments in South East Asian countries. Feel in control with access to the real exchange rate and complete transparency on the client markup.


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Our payments ecosystem works for all industries.

Whether it’s travel, e-commerce, education or any business involving cross-border payments, our solution set can flex to suit your specific needs.

We relentlessly push ourselves to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Find out how intelligent technology can help accelerate your business.

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