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Send Money to Hungary

Send HUF to Hungary securely using our online platform, at market-beating FX rates. Get started with zero monthly account fees and no sign-up fees.

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Interbank rate


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The above FX rate includes includes our standard customer margin. For payments made using SWIFT, we charge a fee from AUD $10, which is not factored in with this cost. You can avoid SWIFT fees by using other payment options. For more information, please review our Fee Schedule and Country Payout Guide.

“Massively simplifies the challenge of doing business overseas”

“Enables businesses to manage cross-border payments easily and cheaply”

“Australia’s fastest growing $1 billion dollar start up”

“Airwallex is the highest ranked Australian firm at #32” - Top Global 100 Fintech

A better way to send money to Hungary

Money Transfer to Hungary

Send money in HUF in just a few clicks

It’s easy: just log in to the platform, load up your wallet, convert your AUD into Hungarian Forint, and send your payment on its way. It’ll get there in one business day or less.

Low fees made easy

No sign-up fees. No international transaction fees. And you pay just 0.6% above the interbank exchange rate to convert your money. It really is that simple.

Access local networks to pay your suppliers

Your funds get transferred through local Hungarian clearing systems, meaning they spend less time in transit - just like if you were there.

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Money Transfer to Hungary

How to send money to Hungary from Australia

Add money to your wallet

Use online banking to deposit AUD directly to your wallet.

Convert at the best rate

Access the mid-market conversion rate when converting AUD to HUF.

Pay like a local

Your funds will reach their destination in one business day or less.

How long will a money transfer to Hungary take?

Send Money to Hungary

It’s fast - really fast. One-business-day-or-less fast. Your Hungarian Forint is transferred through the local banking network, so your suppliers and staff receive funds in their accounts within the day, complete and in full.

Send Money to Hungary

Manage your business finances from a single platform

Multiple global accounts receiving USD, AUD and EUR

Make payments with Airwallex Borderless Cards

Use funds stored in your wallet to make payments using virtual Visa debit cards, without getting stung with international transaction fees.

Receive payments in 11 currencies

Instantly create foreign currency accounts to receive and hold funds in funds like USD, GBP and EUR.

The platform built for growing businesses

Get access to a wealth of tools built for business such as batch payment capabilities and integrations with popular platforms like eBay, PayPal & Shopify.

Multiple global accounts receiving USD, AUD and EUR

How much does an international payment cost?

Send payments to countries using the local currency (i.e. USD to US) for free with our proprietary, local payment technology. We only charge a small margin on FX conversions. To send money overseas, see the below currencies we support.

Access interbank rates² + 0.3% fees

Access interbank rates² + 0.6% fees


Sending non-local currencies overseas (e.g. USD to China)? We can still help but we will need to use the SWIFT network and charge a small payment fee from $10AUD. This is to cover the cost of using the SWIFT network.

²Where possible, we offer live exchange rates. Click here to find out more.

*CNY has an additional 0.1% payout fee. Will require additional information to enable, please speak to one of our product specialists

**To pay suppliers in these currencies, please speak to one of our product specialists here

Xero Integration

Make bookkeeping a breeze

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

Quick and easy integration

Link your Airwallex and Xero accounts in just a few clicks.

Multi-currency transaction syncing

Sync your multi-currency Airwallex transactions to Xero, including who made the transaction and where.

Syncs hourly

Ensure your Xero transaction records are up to date for your accountant or bookkeeper.

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

See how our customers are finding Airwallex

  • Airwallex Testimony
    “Airwallex provides us with flexibility and cost savings in dealing internationally. We used Airwallex to receive our recent global fundraising round and pay international suppliers and are saving at least 5% per dollar transferred versus the big banks.”
    George van Dyck

    Finance Manager, Zoomo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to send money to Hungary?

Sending money to Hungary shouldn’t be the hassle that the banks make it into. We all live and work online now, and there are much more practical ways of doing things. The best way to send money to Hungary is through an Airwallex business account transfer. You can make payments easier, faster, and the funds will reach their destination in full. Goodbye exorbitant FX fees.

How much money can I transfer to Hungary?

With an Airwallex business account, you can money transfer up to HUF10,000,000 to Hungary in one payment. For other limits, check with your Account Manager about any specific in-country limits first, and then start making as many payments as you need.

How long does it take to send money to Hungary?

These days, we feel that everything should be instant, and this includes our international payments. So with an Airwallex business account, you can send money to Hungary within one business day or less. Just log in to your account, load funds into your account and transfer Hungarian Forint to your customers, suppliers or staff.

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