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Integration flow for Redirect module

Android Redirect one-off

  1. (Optional) Create a Customer

    Create a customer object and pass it to your server if you want to save your customer's details and attach payment information to them. (This step is compulsory when you process recurring payment for a new customer)

    From your server, access Airwallex API to Create a Customer API

  2. Create a PaymentIntent

    Your client app will need a PaymentIntent to form a payment session for Airwallex SDK to present payment flow.

    From your server, access Airwallex API to Create a Payment Intent API and pass the PaymentIntent returned to client app.

  3. Call AirwallexStarter.presentPaymentFlow with an AirwallexSession and a PaymentResultListener to present payment flow to the shopper.

  4. In PaymentResultListener, handle the payment status which shows whether the shopper has completed the payment flow or not.

    Note that a completed flow does NOT imply a successful transaction, you need to query the payment result afterwards through your server to know whether the order is paied or not. Inside AWXPaymentResultDelegate, ask your server to retrieve the PaymentIntent.

    From your server, retrieve the Payment Intent API, get the payment result within it and return it to client app.