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Handle dispute on Airwallex Webapp

When a dispute arrives, merchants can review and respond to the dispute case on Airwallex Webapp. The Airwallex dispute resolution tool enables you to monitor, receive the information, assess and when applicable defend the cases the Shoppers raise against you.

Response Queue

The Response queue facilitates you to quickly identify all pending dispute cases to be responded. Airwallex orders the dispute cases by expiry time thus you can focus on the most urgent dispute cases first. You can also search the specific dispute case by order ID and filter the dispute case by dispute reason and dispute stage.

Response Queue*

Dispute list

The dispute list groups all dispute cases that happened before. With this list, you can track, review historical dispute cases. You can clearly know what status each dispute case is at. You can also search any historical dispute case by order ID. Airwallex enables you to filter historical disputes by reason, stages, statuses and time frame so as to easily find out the dispute cases you are looking for.

Dispute list*

Dispute detailed view

The dispute detailed view provides you all the detail that Airwallex has been able to capture from the dispute together with the most relevant actions at this moment. Airwallex allows you to choose whether to accept this dispute case or submit evidence to defend the case.

Dispute detailed view*

If you want to submit evidence, Airwallex guides you to defend yourself and submit the most relevant documents according to the specific dispute reason.

Dispute detailed view*2

Airwallex specifies the documents you need to submit. Submitting the right documents helps you win the case.Try to submit as much information as required. You can keep tracking the status of your responded dispute cases through Dispute list and Dispute detailed view.

Dispute detailed view*3

Airwallex Dispute Status Flow

Dispute Stauts on Airwallex WebappExplanation
Neep responseA RFI or dispute arrives that require merchants’ action
Under reviewEvidence has been successfully uploaded and it is under Airwallex/Issuer’s review
AcceptedDispute is accepted by merchant. (In pre-arbitration case, Airwallex will accept the dispute on behalf of merchant)
Dispute reversedUnder collaboration flow, when Airwallex represents the case on behalf of merchant, the disputed amount will be credited back
LostDispute is lost and disputed amount falls in favor of cardholder.
WonDispute is won and disputed amount falls in favor of merchant.

Airwallex Dispute Defence Window

Merchant should respond to the dispute within a given timeframe or the dispute will be expired and automatically accepted by Airwallex if time is out. The respective defence window on each stage of dispute:

Dispute StageMerchant should respond within
RFI15 Calendar days*
Dispute15 Calendar days*

* May differ among different card scheme and acquirers