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Older Issuing APIs
Supported card types (older API versions)Choose your issuing solution (older API versions)Create a card (older API versions)
Card statusesCreate individual cards (older API versions)

Create a card (older API versions)

To integrate with the API version supporting the new card programs, see upgrade your issuing integration.

The Issuing Cards API allows you to create cards issued to businesses or individuals. After determining your issuing solution (see Choose your issuing solution), you can start building your integration for your business requirements.

This tutorial guides you through the steps for creating cards issued to businesses. For integration information on cards issued to individuals, see Create individual cards.

Before you begin

Step 1: Create a business card

To create a business card, submit Create a card API request by providing the following parameters.

  • issue_to: Set this to ORGANISATION to indicate that you want the card issued to a business.
  • purpose: The purpose of the business card’s usage. If you do not provide a value, defaults to BUSINESS_EXPENSES. Other possible values: CLIENT_EXPENSES, MARKETING_EXPENSES, OFFICE_SUPPLIES, ONLINE_PURCHASING, OTHER, SUBSCRIPTIONS, TEAM_EXPENSES, TRAVEL_EXPENSES.
  • form_factor: Specify VIRTUAL to indicate a virtual card. Physical cards for business cards are currently not supported.
  • type: The type of card. If you do not provide a value, the default configuration on your account setting is used. Possible values: PREPAID, DEBIT, GOOD_FUNDS_CREDIT or DD_OTA.
  • created_by: Your full legal name.
  • request_id: Specify a unique request ID.
  • primary_contact_details: Use this object to provide details of the primary contact of the business card, including name, email, mobile number.
  • authorization_controls.allowed_transaction_count: Specify whether the card is a single (SINGLE) or multi-use (MULTIPLE) card. Single-use cards can only be used for one successful debit transaction.
  • authorization_controls.allowed_transaction_limits: Set limits on transactions such as transaction amount, intervals, etc. See Transaction limits.

The response returns the card object with all the request parameters, and the following card details:

  • card_id: A unique identifier of the card object. You can use this to:
  • card_number: A masked card number.
  • card_status: The status of the card (see Card statuses). The card will automatically transition from PENDING to ACTIVE for virtual cards so you can proceed to transact immediately.
Example request
Example response

Step 2: Retrieve sensitive card details

As an Airwallex customer, you can retrieve your business card's sensitive details such as full PAN and CVV anytime after card creation. Use Get sensitive card details API by providing the card_id in the endpoint URL.

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