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3D Secure authentication

3-Domain Secure™ (3D Secure or 3DS) authentication provides an additional layer of security by protecting merchants against fraud when accepting card payments online. It requires shoppers to complete a verification step with the card issuer when paying, thereby shifting the liability for fraudulent card payments from merchants to the issuer in case of disputes. Airwallex supports 3DS 2 on all authorization transactions generated via commercial or consumer cards.

3DS 2 is the latest 3DS version designed to enhance security in online purchases while providing frictionless checkouts if shoppers are considered low risk by the card issuer. The issuer determines the risk based on the information available during verification. When additional information is required for verification, the issuer will present a challenge based on the shopper's preferred authentication method, for example, entering a OTP (One-time password) sent to their phone/email. 3DS 2 provides an optimal 3DS experience regardless of the interface (mobile app or website).

Airwallex uses the email and mobile_number fields on the cardholder object to send the OTP.

If you are not receiving the OTP at your mobile number or email, check out this FAQ .