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Supported card types (older API versions)
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Supported card types (older API versions)

Learn about the different card types supported by Airwallex Issuing.

Business vs. Individual cards

Business cards are associated with your business while individual cards are associated with a named individual who is a representative of your business. Both cards offer the following benefits:

  • Visa cards
  • 0% international transaction fees
  • Multi-currency cards that draw from your Wallet balance for the transaction currency; if funds are insufficient then Airwallex auto-converts from your home currency (see Fund your issuing balance)
  • Ability to set a number of authorization controls such as card limits, MCC controls, etc
  • Ability to edit, freeze or cancel cards anytime
FeatureBusiness cardsIndividual cards
PurposeBusiness expenses, software subscriptionsIndividual expenses such as employee travel expenses (airfare, hotels) or meals, entertainment, insurance policy holders, etc.
FormVirtual onlyVirtual /Physical/ Digital (Google Pay, Apple Pay)
AccessAs an Airwallex customer, you can retrieve sensitive card details of your business cards, and also manage the card (edit, cancel or freeze).As an Airwallex customer, you must be PCI compliant to retrieve sensitive card details of individual cards or alternatively serve up card details via PAN delegation (does not require PCI compliance); you can manage cards (edit, cancel or freeze). Individual cardholders are able to view card details (via PAN delegation) and also manage their cards (cancel, freeze, etc)
Name on cardAirwallex account business nameIndividual name
PINN/ASupported. As an Airwallex customer, you must be PCI compliant to retrieve the PIN of individual cards or alternatively serve up the PIN via PAN delegation (does not require PCI compliance)
Card controlsSupports allSupports all
PricingFreeContact your Airwallex Account Manager
WhitelabelingYesYes (for physical, virtual, and digital cards)

Virtual vs. physical vs. digital cards

Stored on your phone to pay contactless in stores or online, but has its own unique card number, expiry date, and CVCPhysical card format with card details embossed on the card.Can be added to the individual’s digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) for easy, contactless purchasing if supported in the applicable region.
Business cardsYesNoNo
Individual cardsYesYesYes
ActivationActivated automatically after creation and can be used to transact immediatelyManually activated upon receiving the card at the delivery address or pre-activated via the API.Only active cards can be added to digital wallets.

Other card types

Airwallex supports the following card types when you create business or individual cards. Please contact your Airwallex Account Manager for regional availability of these card types.

  • Prepaid: Works like a debit card where funds are accessed from your Airwallex Wallet.
  • Debit: Accesses funds from your Airwallex Wallet. Accepted anywhere a credit card is accepted.
  • Good Funds Credit: Requires you to have sufficient funds in your Airwallex Wallet for pre-authorization, which is followed by a capture to deduct funds.
  • Deferred Debit: Deferred Debit card available for OTA (Online Travel Agent) customers.
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