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Use Cases
Online Travel AgenciesRecurring or subscription based paymentsAutomated insurance payoutsConsumer payouts via cardsPlatform issuing infrastructure for businesses

Platform issuing infrastructure for businesses

Airwallex Issuing integrates seamlessly into Airwallex's extensive global financial infrastructure. Our Issuing solution empowers businesses to create their own customized offerings natively within their applications by whitelabeling Airwallex Issuing services. This enables them to provide a unique user experience while Airwallex manages the underlying infrastructure.

Let's take an example of a fintech looking to expand their geographic coverage for a new or existing issuing product. However, they don't have the necessary licenses in order to do so. Instead of going through the long, complex process of getting licensed, they decide to use Airwallex’s capabilities and go to market in a matter of weeks.

  1. Platform onboards with Airwallex and gets set up with a platform account. They can then create connected accounts for cardholders via Airwallex’s Banking as as service solution. See onboarding connected accounts.
  2. Platform can onboard a new cardholder under each of the connected accounts using Airwallex Issuing’s Cardholder APIs and associate cardholders with cards immediately.
  3. Platform can embed a full card management capability natively within their application and manage everything via the Airwallex API. When one of the fintech’s customers requests a card, the platform can create that card on behalf of the customer via the Issuing APIs and return it natively within their application (either directly or by using Issuing secure iframes feature). Similarly any management functions such as updating the card can also be done in the same native manner.
  4. The platform can leverage Airwallex’s whitelabel capabilities to extend their offering to digital wallets and physical cards to offer a full suite of bespoke card products from within their own ecosystem.
  5. Platform can leverage the entire ecosystem of Airwallex product to offer an end-to-end solution for their customers across a wide range of embedded financial services including collections, reimbursement/payment, Wallet, payment acceptance and FX.