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How Airwallex Issuing works

Airwallex’s Issuing platform enables businesses to create and manage multi-currency cards allowing you to pay millions of suppliers globally within seconds. Unlike a traditional prepaid product, Airwallex issued cards don't require you to lock-in funds on the card when requesting it – the funds are sourced from your Airwallex Wallet.

All Airwallex issued cards are Visa multi-currency cards that allow you to transact in over 140 currencies, with no international transaction fees. We also offer direct billing in multiple currencies (see supported regions and currencies).

Key features

  • Provisioning of Visa cards through Airwallex’s Global Issuing infrastructure and licensing
  • Single use or multi-use cards issued directly to you with ease and efficiency.
  • Choice between cards associated with your business or individual cards associated with a named individual who is a representative of your business. Individual cards can access digital (Apple/Google Pay) as well as physical card products.
  • Authorization controls to control the usage of your cards including the ability for you to participate in the transaction sequence in real-time
  • A set of RESTful APIs to manage your card program
  • Usage of a single funding source for all cards or separate sources for each card
  • Ability to whitelabel your program to customize any of our products to match your company brand and offerings

As an Airwallex Issuing customer, you don't need to worry about BIN sponsorship, card production, transaction processing or balance management. Airwallex is fully PCI compliant and handles all PCI requirements on your behalf. Depending on your requirements and certifications, we will work with you to provide an end-to-end solution that meets your needs.