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Create Cards

The card object is the resource associated with the card issued by Airwallex. It holds details such as linked accounts and card based spending restrictions and so on. The card object will also allow the client to specify who the card is for (themselves or other entities), card form (physical or virtual), and the number of uses (single or multiple).

To set up a card, use the Create a card API API which returns a card_id. You would then use this card_id to get card details API.

Once created, the card (Virtual or Physical) can be added to a Digital Wallet (e.g Google Pay) if in a supported region. See FAQ for more information.

Please note:

  1. The Card Object request will not return the full PAN and CVV but will return a Card ID. To get the card details you will need to invoke a Get sensitive card details API request with the relevant Card ID;
  2. To find out the remaining limits for any card under your account, please invoke Get card remaining limits API with the relevant Card ID;
  3. Issued cards are Active and can be used to transact straight away;
  4. All Airwallex issued cards are linked to the client’s Airwallex account and funded balancers, so unlike a traditional prepaid product you don't have to lock-in funds on the card when requesting it.

Sample Request

To issue a card you will need to provide the following information:

  • request_id: A unique ID specific by the client
  • authorization_controls: Spend controls for the card
  • created_by: Legal name of the user requesting the card
  • form_factor: Form of the card - PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL
  • issue_to: Who the card will be issued to

Create a Card via WebApp

Select the usage category for the card, this can help with budgeting and cost control.

Create new card1

Then give the card a nickname so you can find it easily.

Add nickname 1

Finally, set the spend limits for the card and you are all done.

Spend Limits 1