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Retrieve card transactions

You can retrieve transactions processed against a specific card or all cards associated with your Airwallex account. You can also retrieve a specific transaction by ID.

Retrieve all card transactions

Use Get transactions API to retrieve all card transactions associated with your account, for a specific card or all cards. You can refine the list using the following query parameters:

  • card_id: Returns transactions specific to this card.
  • from_created_date, to_created_date: Returns transactions between the specified time period, inclusive of start and end dates. If you do not specify either of the fields, defaults to a 30 day period.
  • page_num, page_size: Breaks down the transaction list as per the specified pagination parameters.
  • billing_currency: The 3-letter ISO-4217 currency code in which the transaction was billed.
  • retrieval_ref: A unique identifier for the transaction assigned by the acquirer.
  • transaction_type: Filters the transaction list based on the specified transaction type. Possible values:
    • AUTHORIZATION: Funds reserved on the card in response to an authorization request
    • CLEARING: Funds equivalent to the authorized amount deducted from account balance
    • REFUND: Funds equivalent to the purchase amount refunded back to account balance
    • REVERSAL: The requested authorization has been reversed.
    • ORIGINAL_CREDIT: Merchant-initiated credit transactions
Example request
Example response

Retrieve a card transaction

If you want to retrieve details of a specific transaction on the card, call Get single transaction API by specifying the unique identifier of the transaction in the endpoint URL. You can retrieve the transaction_id from Get transactions API.

Example request
Example response
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