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Choose your issuing solution

The information on this page is relevant only for API version 2024-03-31 and later. For older API versions, see Choose your issuing solution.

Airwallex's issuing solution offers you control and flexibility to solve for your unique business needs. Airwallex-issued cards can be used for a variety of first-party and third-party use cases to save on global money spends, efficiently manage marketplace and platform payouts, or build your own cards proposition.

Before determining the right solution for your business needs, we recommend exploring the Airwallex card program offering to review the different options, their benefits, and common use cases.

Business scenario Recommended solution
Pay for business expenses, software subscriptions, etc Non-personalized commercial cards issued with your Airwallex account business name on the card. Create commercial cards.
Enable an authorized representative of your business, e.g., employees, contractors, to pay for business expenditure such as employee travel expenses (airfare, hotels, meals), entertainment, etc. Personalized commercial cards issued with the authorized representative’s name on the card. See Create commercial cards.
Facilitate payout to consumers, e.g., influencers, gig-economy workers, general payroll, etc. Personalized consumer cards issued with the individual's name on the card. See Create consumer cards.
Create virtual /physical/ digital (Google Pay, Apple Pay) cards
  • Virtual cards are supported by both personalized and non-personalized cards
  • Physical/digital (Google Pay, Apple Pay) are only supported by personalized cards

See personalized vs non-personalized cards.
Retrieve sensitive card details You can retrieve sensitive card details of non-personalized cards using Get sensitive card details API, and also manage the card (edit, cancel or freeze).
To retrieve sensitive card details of personalized cards via Get sensitive card details API, you must be PCI compliant or can alternatively serve up card details via secure iframes (does not require PCI compliance); you can also manage personalized cards (edit, cancel or freeze).
Set up card controls to limit the expenses on the cards Authorization controls to set up transaction limits, transaction count, MCCs, time period, currencies, etc
Approve or decline transaction authorizations in real time from your own system Enable your account for Remote authorization to authorize or decline transactions using your own business rules.
Offer whitelabel cards Develop and monetize your own cards proposition using Airwallex's whitelabel card offering.