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Create consumer cards

Airwallex's consumer cards enable you pay out to consumers using the issued cards. Consumer use cases include: influencers, gig- economy workers, general payroll, etc. Airwallex has the licenses and infrastructure to support consumer card use cases across a number of jurisdictions worldwide.

Depending on your business requirements, you may also be required to integrate with Airwallex’s Banking as a Service offering and onboard your customers as Individuals to access consumer cards.

This tutorial guides you through the steps for creating personalized consumer cards.

Consumer cards can only be issued to Individual type cardholders and as personalized cards.

Create a consumer card

Submit Create a card API request by providing the following fields:

  • program.purpose: Set this to CONSUMER to indicate that you want the card issued to an individual.
  • program.type: The type of card. If you do not provide a value, the default configuration on your account setting is used. Possible values: PREPAID, DEBIT, CREDIT or DEFERRED_DEBIT.
  • program.sub_type: Sub type of the program. This is used for specific products under the defined program types, e.g., B2B_TRAVEL which designates BINs for travel use cases such as OTAs.
  • is_personalized: You must set this field to true to issue a consumer card.
  • form_factor: The form of the card either VIRTUAL or PHYSICAL (if applicable for your region). For information on requirements for physical cards, see Physical cards.
  • cardholder_id: The ID of an INDIVIDUAL type cardholder to associate this consumer card with. Use the cardholder_id returned in Create a Cardholder API response.
  • created_by: Your full legal name.
  • request_id: Specify a unique request ID.
  • authorization_controls.allowed_transaction_count: Specify whether the card is a single (SINGLE) or multi-use (MULTIPLE) card. Single-use cards can only be used for one successful transaction.
  • authorization_controls.allowed_transaction_limits: Set limits on transactions such as transaction amount, intervals, etc. See Transaction limits.

The cardholder status must be READY for consumer cards to be issued.

Example request (Consumer card)
Example response (Consumer card)

Card API response

The response returns the card object with all the request fields, and the following card details:

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