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This page describes the status transitions during direct debits from Linked Accounts.

Deposits via direct debit from Linked Accounts

Status transitions when deposits are credited into your Wallet via direct debits from a Linked Account.

Status machine - Linked Account deposits

PENDINGDeposit via direct debit from a Linked Account has arrived and is on hold for review. The Linked Account status (POST /api/v1/linked_accounts/create) must be SUCCEEDED and the direct debit mandate status (POST /api/v1/linked_accounts/{id}/mandate) must be ACTIVE for the transaction to proceed.
SETTLEDDeposit has been credited to your Wallet balance associated with your Airwallex account.
REJECTEDDeposit was rejected and the funds will be returned to your external bank account.
REVERSEDWhen the external bank requests to reject a deposit after it has been settled into your Wallet, a separate transaction will be created with this status to deduct the fund from your balance. The original deposit's status will remain SETTLED. Contact [email protected] to investigate the cause of the reversal.