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KYC and onboarding

Airwallex offers multiple options to onboard connected accounts and submit them for KYC.

Once a new account is created and connected to your platform, you can update account information anytime prior to submitting the account for activation.

This page describes these options at a high level, including tradeoffs and use cases for each. Note that these options are not mutually exclusive but we recommend building a unified onboarding experience.

Embedded KYC componentHosted flowAccounts API
DescriptionOnboard customers through a UI component embedded directly into your siteRedirect customers into a flow hosted by AirwallexFully control the onboarding UI, built on top of Airwallex APIs
Suitable forSpending minimal tech effort to build an onboarding workflow. Leverage a pre-built UI element that perfectly matches your brand's look and feel.Spending minimal tech effort to build an onboarding workflow. Instead, redirect connected accounts to an Airwallex-hosted page so that you can get to market quickly.A highly customized onboarding workflow. Please note that this option requires more time and development resources to implement and maintain.
KYC informationCollects required KYC information from your end usersCollects required KYC information from your end usersCollect on your own interface
AML (Anti-money laundering)SupportedSupportedSupported
Sanctions screeningSupportedSupportedSupported
Identity verificationReal-time progressive verificationReal-time progressive verificationVerification after submitting to Airwallex in the back end
CustomizationAdvanced theming to align with your design systemBasic themingFull control over look and feel
Integration effortMinimal codingMinimal codingMost coding