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Authorize direct debit payouts

You may authorize an external party to deduct funds from your Wallet via direct debit for either one-time purchases or recurring expenses (e.g. utilities). After receiving your Global Account details, the external party will set up a direct debit mandate as a record of your authorization. This section describes how to authorize direct debit payouts via your Global Accounts and manage direct debit payout mandates.

To explore other ways of paying out funds from your Airwallex Wallet, see Payouts APIs.

Before you begin

Retrieve Global Account details

Direct debit payouts via Global Account is only supported for certain regions and currencies. To check if your Global Account supports this capability, call Get Global Account by ID API by specifying your Global Account ID in the endpoint URL. If the response returns capability.support_direct_debit as true you will be able to share your Global Account details with a third party to authorize direct debit payouts.

Review status codes to track status transitions for direct debit payouts from your Wallet.

Example request


If you are registered as a platform account, you can call this endpoint on behalf of your connected accounts by specifying the open ID in the x-on-behalf-of header.

Example response

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