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Understanding Global Treasury

Airwallex’s Global Treasury solution solves your customers’ international money movement needs – everything from global collections to global payouts. You can leverage the following features to create the desired experience for your customers:

  • Instantly create Global Accounts for your customers to receive bank transfers via local clearing systems or SWIFT and authorize direct debit payouts in preferred currencies globally, instead of undergoing long application processes with different banks and managing multiple bank account providers. Global Accounts come with local bank codes and dedicated account numbers.
  • Easily pull funds via direct debit by linking to verified external financial accounts, known as Linked Accounts
  • Collect and store customers' funds in local currency eliminating costly conversion fees using the multi-currency Wallet. Convert funds into different currencies as needed.
  • Allow your customers to easily make fast, cost-effective payouts to beneficiaries across the globe in 150+ countries.

Receive funds

When you choose to embed our Global Treasury solution into your product offering, you can use the following options to fund your own Wallet or your customers' Wallets using connected accounts:

Hold and convert funds

The multi-currency Wallet (“the Wallet”) maintains all the funds that are available for use. These funds are physically held by Airwallex and safeguarded with our network of global banking partners. You can manage your own and your customers' Wallets on their behalf.

Key features

  • Hold multi-currency balances: A Wallet's balance is organized by currency and balance type. A given currency’s available balance pools all the funds you have with Airwallex from different sources in that currency. For example, when funds are received in AUD via direct debit from Linked Accounts or different Global Accounts; all those funds will be settled into the Wallet and added to the Wallet's AUD balance.

  • Orchestrate funds flows end-to-end, from collections through the Wallet to payouts:

  • Consolidate reporting: all financial transactions are recorded and traceable in the Wallet. Using our APIs, you can retrieve balances and generate financial statements/reports for the purposes of reconciliation, proof of funds, and data analysis.

Process payouts

The following capabilities can be used to pay out funds to or on behalf of your customers.

  • Global payouts: Programmatically make fast and cost-effective payouts across the globe to bank accounts in 150+ countries.
  • Direct debit payouts: Authorize an external party to deduct funds from your own or your customer's Wallet via direct debits.
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