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Connected accounts overview

As a Platform, you can programmatically create connected accounts for your customers (either businesses, or individuals).

For connected account Onboarding, Airwallex runs full KYC, AML, sanction screening, and identify requirements on your customers .

Your customers will then receive access to fully functional accounts to simplify the payments experience, equipped with the full set of Airwallex capabilities.

Monetisation opportunities exist for the Platform to charge their fees through:

  • Payout fees charged by the Platform to the connected account on each transaction
  • FX fees charged by the Platform to the connected account on each conversion
  • Issuing interchange rebates
  • Platform SaaS fees or other Platform fees may also be charged by the Platform the connected account's wallet

Transacting on behalf of connected accounts

As a platform, you will be able to pass API instructions on behalf of the connected account using the respective account id of the connected account for the following APIs.

To call APIs on behalf of the connected account, simply specify the account ID using the x-on-behalf-of header. See sample request below.