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Move funds between accounts

Wallet to wallet transfers & charges

Funds can also be moved between wallets on the Airwallex infrastructure using Transfers API and Charges API APIs. These are also called 'wallet to wallet' transfers.

If you want to support payment of commissions, proceeds of sale, or refunds to your connected accounts, you can use the Transfers API. This API debits your platform wallet and moves funds to the connected account’s wallet in the same currency. See Wallet Transfers.

If you want to support processing fees and charges from your clients or business partners, you can use the Charges API. This API directly debits the connected account’s wallet to move funds to your platform wallet in the same currency. For example, if you are collecting a loan repayment from your counterparty, you can debit the repayment amount and the interest for the applicable time period separately. The Charges API facilitates efficient and precise reconciliation with respect to payment from debtors. See Wallet Charges.

Funds flight time for wallet transfers and charges

A successful response from the Transfers API and Charges API APIs means that funds were debited from the source wallet.

If a transaction is held by our transaction monitoring engine, the charge or transfer will not settle immediately.

  • Once transaction monitoring has cleared, the transaction moves to settled status and funds are credited to the target wallet
  • If the transaction monitoring review does not clear, the transaction is moved to failed status and the funds are returned back to the source wallet