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Handle KYC Request for Information (RFI)

After you submit your connected account for activation, Airwallex might request additional information to successfully complete the account activation, even if the information you submitted when updating the account was initially deemed sufficient.

There are generally two reasons this might happen:

  • Failed identity verification: During KYC we have to verify the identity of your customer. If we are unable to verify the identity, you’ll need to ask the individual to submit a second form of identification, or retry after correcting any errors in the previously submitted data.
  • Additional information requests: During KYC, we have to assess the risk of each customer, in order to decide whether the account can be activated or not. In some instances, more information will be required to make that decision.

Airwallex provides multiple options to handle additional information requests for KYC. Note that these options are not mutually exclusive but we recommend building a unified RFI experience.

You have the flexibility to choose different integration options for KYC onboarding and RFI handling. For example, you might choose to integrate hosted flow for KYC onboarding and native API for RFI.

We recommend that you subscribe to RFI webhooks to be informed of additional information requests on your accounts.